how do you eat 3 musketeers candy bars?

how do you eat 3 musketeers candy bars

1) Stare at candy bar
2) Unwrap candy bar
3) Lick candy bar
4)Take bite of candy bar
5)Chew candy bar
6)Think about how good candy bar is
7)Finish taking bites and chew candy bar
8) Feel sad now that candy bar is gone 🙁
9) Imagine and crave new candy bar
10) Go get new candy bar
11)Enjoy once more 😀

1. peel back wrapper. (if youre a wimp, you can always get scissors)
2. insert into mouth.
3. bite a piece off.
4. chew
5. swallow.
6. repeat steps 2-5 until candy is gone


Peel back wrapper. Open mouth and insert candy bar. Close mouth. Chew. Swallow. Repeat until the entire thing is gone.

Open the wrapper just a little bit and start eating it. Similar to a banana.

first your peel of the wrapper like the zipper on pants then you grab hold of its chocolate goodness and bite down hard to where that marshmallow goodness of filling ozsesin your mouth

I like them frozen.

I don’t.

BITE ITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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