Does Iran have missiles capable of hitting the U.S.?

I know that Iran has tested missiles that we’re capable of hitting Israel, and some Iranian missiles can hit some other of our allies like UK and England. But do they have missiles capable of hitting the U.S. mainland?

No we don’t have it yet

I’m an iranian

No, but Russia, Iran’s ally, has the worlds most powerful ballistic missile capable of evading the planned U.S. National defense system.

No. They have missiles capable of hitting US bases, but not the mainland.


No just look at a map of their position and look at the US, they would need very long range missile production which would have been very noticeable just as the Russian program was.

No America just lied to take their oil Iran is a poor country halfway around the world and posed no threat to the us

No. Not even close. And if they did we could shoot them down.


and they arent threatening to either

Highly unlikely, or they would have done so already.

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