Why do many people believe the United States is a &quot:racist country&quot:?

I’m one of the first to criticize my own country as an American, but to call the US a racist country is not fair, not because racism doesn’t exist here of course, because it does, but the fact is many countries are far more racist than we are. Every country pretty much had slavery and killed off their native people. America however took some responsibility for slavery early on, sadly I can’t say we’ve really given the natives much back yet but that’s just because there are so few of them left. 🙁

Just look at Australia, which enslaved Aborigines as late as the 1960s, or China, Japan and Korea, which are almost 100% monocultural and try to stomp out any kind of diversity.
Ideologically, I can’t think of many less racist countries than the United States. Even if the Founding Fathers were hypocrites, America is BUILT on multiculturalism. And the people here coexist far better than many other multiracial societies. No white people I know are racist to all black people, there are some who dislike the culture of some African Americans, but very few Americans hate someone solely on basis of their color.

People like to play the victim, and there’s no better way than to say, &quot:Help me, I’m being oppressed!&quot:. The fact of the matter is that anyone who’s willing to work at it and not give up can make it here. Oprah didn’t become a multi-billionaire and the richest woman in television by sitting on her butt complaining about how bad she had it. She worked her ….. she worked really hard and didn’t give up when it got tough.

The people who say they’re the victims want something for nothing, and will complain even when they get it.

Unless you’re talking about the recent actions of the president and his good friend Gates. That was racism pure and simple.

True. The Founding Fathers were hypocrites. But remember that people judge others on what they see, and if they see a racist American then they believe that all Americans are racists.

It wasn’t created to be a racist country. But, that has never stopped us from leading our ethnocentric lives. It is beyond help. It’s not racist. It’s just insane.

I really understand you a lot. You can find racism in any country, but a lot of problems are prominent in America, so I believe thats leverage to bash it for problems such as racism.

You guys are racist, if you weren’t then why do so many people tell Europeans at my school to go back to our countries because we don’t belong here?

i know i do believe that blonds and blue eyed people are always prefered in the US my friend was critisized plenty of times cz shes not blond and cz she has black hair and brown eyes they think shes arabic well in reality shes christian and not arabic only educated people in the US dont have any racism and now she hates living there she went there to continue her masters in harvard

Nice topicish… but I don’t understand putting this on polls and surveys because this section only uses like 20 characters.

I agree with you.
You can find racist people anywhere, not just the US.

we are a racist country, that doesn’t mean we’re the only racist country though!

Im racist aginst idiots

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