What do you think of the recent baby names in my family?

Three of my cousins have had babies in the past year (the newest one was born yesterday!) and I was wondering what you think of there names.

Anna Lynn
Reese Joshua
Raeleigh Alexis Hannah (two middle names)

Please no rude comments!!! If you don’t like a name that is fine, but you don’t have to be mean about it.

Anna Lynn – a little ordinary, but very pretty!
Reese Joshua – not my fav, but a nice name
Raeleigh Alexis Hannah – i’ve never heard the name raeleigh, but i love it!!! also, alexis and hannah are two of my favorite names.

I say &quot:meh&quot: to anna and reese. I love raeliegh but i like it spelled Raeli (like israeli) or Raylee. I think it is funny that its Alexis Hanna, if she just added Leah, she would have the 3 girls of the Gosselin sextuplets. is your cousin a fan of Jon&amp:Kate+8? lol

Anna Marie is extremely undeniable. Audrina could isn’t my variety (yet congrats on the hot addition!) Reese Joshua- I desire Reese on a woman yet amazing center call. Raeleigh Hanna Alexis- constructive that she became named when you all yet does not bypass that properly and Raeleigh sounds like Raleigh (capital of NC). Delaney Elizabeth- do no longer probable like the two call (yet i admire Elisabeth) Carson James- it is my fashionable call out of the checklist! David Andrew- the two are fantastically trouble-free names, no longer my variety.

It is not that i dont like, but i think there’s better options!!But i think that if the mother likes the name is all that matters!!!

i m sorry but i don’t rely lik them

but not my kid

so not my business

loveee it
love and

Ummmm…okay. Good for you!!

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