The Bible says that wives must submit to their husbands,Why pastors refuse to preach that?

the scripture is 1Peter 3:1

Because Pastors and Preachers barely even know the bible. And they preach their own thoughts to their members.

Who ever this guy or woman is, is insane! The bible would not condon a husband abusing his spouse. What it does say is Ephesians 5:23 For the husband is the pinnacle of the spouse, on a similar time as Christ is the pinnacle of the church: and he’s the savior of the physique. And Ephesians 5:21 says submitting yourselves one to a distinctive interior the fear of god. ( your the two to undergo a minimum of one yet another, no longer one has greater means over the different) In Philippians 2:3 enable no longer something be executed by using strife or vainglory: yet in lowliness of strategies enable each esteem different greater useful then themselves. ( it is the boost of your spouse or husband do no longer tear them down) This guy or woman is interperting scripture for his own solid and not the forged of God. it is not any longer some thing this is promoted interior the bible. no longer something of the varieties. Even interior the outdated testomony there’s a verse concerning to a guy beating a woman or a pregnant woman and inflicting death. they’re additionally damned to hell for this. wish this helps and get faraway from this nut interest!

The real message is how much the husband submits. Read the whole chapter, it’s convicting.

Think about it. Wives are told to submit their authority over to their husbands! Woo hoo! The kings are mighty!

But wait. It doesn’t end there. Read on. It tells husbands to love their wives as Christ loves the Church…….

What did Jesus do for his Church? He gave his own life over for us, lived a life that he didn’t have to, and did every thing he ever did on earth for the good of his bride: the church.

So the message is really for men: let go of your life. Not only must we die to ourselves to God, but also to our wives. We must lift them up to God, and live our lives with sacrificial love (agape) from God.

That’s why it isn’t preached. No man really wants to hear it, and few preachers are man enough to preach it.

I’m quite sure fundamentalist ministers do so.

The rest of Christianity realizes that Biblical language is that of a patriarchal society and reflects that society.

God gave us brains to USE. Those who use their brains know that change occurs along with societal advancement. They don’t keep themselves mired in the 1st or 12th century.

Those that prefer no change are to be pitied. They will never be comfortable since change is inevitable.

Good point. I guess they’re afraid they’ll lose offering income if they appear to be anything but feminazi-friendly.

But let’s not forget the passage that says &quot:submit yourselves one to another&quot: in the context of man and wife.

My wife’s brain is wired differently than mine. She has insights and perspectives that I greatly benefit from. A man who doesn’t consider his wife’s opinion is wasting a tremendous asset and making decisions that could have been based upon a greater body of considerations.

Because the pastors wife will make him sleep on the couch and won’t fix him any supper.

Because they would miss out on their Sunday afternoon delight.

Because most women aren’t going to just give into that when it’s spoken so plainly.

The church is feminised, that is why. If ever I get married, I would want my wife to submit to me. I enjoyed those types of relationships before I became Christian though. Methinks there’s lust and law in it.

Sorry I can’t dance around the issue for you, O wise bright.

Tell me, Did you continue to read that whole chapter. Please do so.

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