Should we expect that Blacks get beat up at every Donald Trump rally from now on?

Why would a black lives matter cult member be at Trump Rally? To start trouble. All 0bamabots are trouble makers- they asked for it. Most the black guys who got shot by police asked for it. You break the law- you can get shot by police. Dah.

Only the ones that yell and scream and act like idiots then refuse to leave when asked to leave they will be escorted out and the big fat ones will be taken out by force. The same as protesters at any rally.

Get back to me when the Trump supporters make their political point by burning down businesses.

well i don’t expect Trump supporters to be civilized.

Proving what we have known all along – that Republicans are blatant racists

They’re gonna show up &amp: start the sh’t just to make the honky look bad.

I want the Tooth Fairy, My mommie told me the Tooth Fairy would come when I lost my tooth. I want my Tooth Fairy!!!

Perhaps the unruly ones…


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