Question for liberals about a second term in office for Obama?

Libs, will you vote for a second term in office for Obama because you truly believe this man to be a great leader who is the best qualified candidate to lead and solve Americas problems. Or would you vote for Obama only to spite republicans even though you know Obama is not the best man for the job?

Well, we KNOW we cannot afford as a nation to have Republicans back in power—they RUINED just about everything they touched (outsourced jobs, lost manufacturing base, revenue-destroying tax-cuts for the wealthy, illegal war in Iraq, massive deficits, destroyed middle-class, etc.) in their ABSOLUTE POWER reign of terror from 2001 through to 2007, when voters OUSTED them in order to get this nation back on a better path under consumer-protecting Democrats. And when a large majority of us voted President Obama into office, we liked his strong message—I even changed my Hillary vote in August that election year because I had this feeling that President Obama was an absolute GODSEND for the problems facing this nation. His brilliance is suble in many ways, but he is very brilliant, and I do fully intend to see that this great man is re-elected to a second term. I even wish we could keep him for a THIRD term so that our nation is FULLY HEALED from all of the Republican-caused damages, to include an almost complete breakdown of our Separation of Church and State Constitutional guarantee, the UPSIDE-DOWN economic policies, the Abramhoff or Madoff or Kenneth Lay type of corruptions, deregulation that removed all consumer protections and oversight, massive deficits from drunken-sailor spending that had NOT EVEN ONE VETO from President Bush, torture that damaged our nation’s image in the eyes of the world, the near death of our manufacturing base, massive job losses due to outsourcing, borrowing trillions from Communist China to fund an ILLEGAL war in Iraq, psycho-pseudo D.C.-based &quot:Christian&quot: CULT calling the shots for Republicans in the House and Senate, pushing for a THEOCRATIC COUP (Goldberg, 2006: Sharlet, 2008): ………

This nation NEEDS our glorious &quot:mutt&quot: and brilliant leader, President Obama, who is well on his way to being the greatest president this nation has ever had. But I do have to admit—any chance we might get to &quot:spite&quot: the far-right-wing extremists who have taken over the Republican party is just &quot:whipped cream on the cocoa&quot:—an added delight…lol. They keep on shooting themselves in the foot, though, and then reloading to shoot again…and then they get hoisted on their own petards quite often as well.

I will vote for a second term for Obama because he is the best man for the job. The Republican party does not and never will represent my best interests.

A vote for Republicans, like your Drill Baby, Drill judge with the oily investment portfolio
is a vote for insanity.
Since there are no liberals to vote for, the lesser of two evils wins again.

You Cons certainly show your true colors every day and stick together as one –
so it won’t be hard to list the issues where your credibility is much worse
than even the Democrats. Starting with WMD’s ending with Drill, Baby, Drill. All lies.

Obama could be a def mute.

no way. obama has in actuality ruined usa for the subsequent 50 years…i think of that a hundred days in workplace has been particularly adequate for my tax money thank you very lots oh and for the checklist…presidents arent meant to make errors as vast as obama’s. neionix, idc how many cases he says hes sorry, while youre in a activity as extreme as his you could wreck an entire u . s .. there is little room for errors and its significant to get it real on the 1st attempt.

depends on who’s running!
I don’t vote out of spite, I vote for the person who I personally believe has my best interest in store.
In this case Obama had my vote……….and I would vote the same way again, look at how the Republican party turned their backs on McCain, and even Palin has turned on him.
If the Republican Party puts Palin on the ballot, all I can say is no matter what, It’ll be 4 more years of misery for you no matter what.

i don’t vote the party line and did vote for Obama.
at this point, unless he REALLY screws up, and i haven’t seen him do that yet, he has my vote.

it’s nice to have a rational and eloquent man in my oval office. i can’t see another dem so much as contending in the primaries…as of yet…but two years is a long time (politically)

I will vote for President Obama because his heart is right and I can tell that his vision is a good one. If he can only get around Republicans who, in my opinion, have behaved very shamefully since he was elected, then he might be able to get what he wanted done done.

If Repubs ever decide to give us a qualified candidate I’ll give him a fair shake. But anyone that claims to be chosen by God is automatically disqualified.

LOL @ This question.

Obama is going to lose to a Democrat in the primaries.

He only had 53% of the popular vote. Do you really think that he can beat a Democrat at this point? He has alienated so many Democrats and most Independents that voted for him. The only people who still like him are the TMZ-Liberals that don’t know how much he sucks as Hollywood hasn’t turned on him yet.

Obama is not a liberal. He rules from the center right.

I’ll vote for Ron Paul over him. However, I will not vote for McLame and his Barbie dunce.

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