My Best Friend keeps talking about her crush and I want to tell her without hurting her feelings. *Please Help?

My Best Friend Nicole keeps talking about her Crush Matt. And I hear it everyday. Most of the time, I’m happy for her but, today I just got annoyed! She constantly talks about him. It’s like she has nothing more to talk about! I just wanna tell her without hurting her feelings. What should I do? She’s my Best Friend and I love and care for her. It’s just becoming annoying! *Please Help!*

Hello Mary, I know the feeling because not only did I use to do that but my friends both were obessed with their crushes. Ok I can give you the best advice that a 12 year old can give:
Talk to her, ask her once if she wouldn’t mind to stop talking about him for a while. Don’t ask her after that because that will make her feel like shes annoying and that you aren’t a very good best friend. But then again you could ask her, do you really like him for him? Or is it because his cute, hot etc… Because once she realizes if she really likes him, or it’s because everyone thinks his hot then she might realize that she made a mistake and you would be her hero for making her realize she was making a mistake. Nicole just may be extremely excited that her crush is ‘the perfect guy for her’, don’t try to talk her out of liking him because friends are there to help and give advice. Also do not try ruining for her if you had enough by telling Matt that Nicole is madly inlove. That will just ruin your friendship, (although I am sure you will not do such a thing). Now, if Nicole only ever talks about him then try changing the topic whenever she brings him up. Or make up an inside joke that you can both laugh about and she might have more fun talking about it. If none of these things work try pretending you too have a crush, maybe not from this school. Jason from your kinder, you talk to him all the time on facebook/msn etc.. Just convince her theres a guy for you out there too, (whether there is or not). Talk about Jason all the time so she can see how irritating it is for you and slowly it should improve her talking about Matt. If this too doesn’t work why not try to set them up as a couple, does Matt like Nicole secretly? At recess or lunchtime invite him with other guys and girls to truth and dare, (don’t forget to include Nicole). When it gets to Matt, ask him &quot:Truth or Dare&quot: and if he says truth, say do you like anyone? If he says yes, then the next time Nicoles at home sick or absent from school. Do another truth or dare, but make sure the first time went well otherwise they won’t be as keen on playing the game. Ask Matt who he likes, hopefully he might overhear you and Nicole talking about things that he likes and Nicole and things will click from there. But most importantly support Nicole, as much as her raving on about Matt may annoy you, be supportive! Crushes are truely important to every girl and guy. It’s a cute way of life.
Hope that helped! 🙂

Just tell her that ur happy for her. Friends can be honest with each other. Just say &quot:not to be mean nicole, but u talk a lil bit too much about matt, lets talk about other things. But im really happy for u.&quot:
If shes ur friend she’ll understand.

Same here but my bffs crush is my brother she hangs around him all the time talks about him all the time and I’m just like shut up!! But I talked to her about and she felt really bad and said she was sorry and now it’s not a problem

tell her in a jokingly way &quot:ok girl I’ve heard it before, talk about something else&quot: and just change the conversation. Just keep changing the conversation and sort of loose interest when she talks about her crush…eventually she’ll take the hint. that works for me and my friend is still around.

Man, this is a pretty huge problem for a lot of people. What you should do is just pretend to listen, and when she starts talking, try to change the conversation, nonchalantly. Or, if all fails, tell her that she should try to cut down on talking about him.

if she is really your best friend, you should be able to just tell her to shut up about her crush for awile and talk about something else.

you can just have a communication with her and tell her about your really feeling . i think if you are really friends and she will know how to do in the afterwards.

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