Is there one Rep. with the brass ones saying – I will repeal Obama-care, &quot:Finance reform&quot:, Cap and trade etc.?

Why do you think the Republicans are any better?

The court threw out the fed motion to dismiss Virgina’s lawsuit against 0bamacare, and rightfully so. At least 30 other states are challenging it as well. Oh how I pity the very few who still support that empty suit. Down to what less than 41% approval now…he he he. Wake up you pinheads, the guy is a puppet, and America rejects his LIES, failure to take responsibility for his own failures, and we are just sick and tired of hearing Bush this, Bush that, I inherited this…blah blah f’ing blah. BRING ON NOVEMBER!!!!!

Obama Doctrine has grow to be&quot:If it strikes tax it,if it does not Nationalize it&quot:you are able to relax certain that the&quot:Flimflam guy,and his misfits&quot:will discover the thank you to bypass it,and as long because of the fact the yank tax payer is prepared to positioned up with this&quot:crap&quot:that is going to likely be exceeded directly to them.There at the instant are not any information helping the harm executed,or supposedly dome via carbon dioxide.The &quot:powers that be&quot:are attempting to alter wording on climate replace themes at present because of the fact they understand the &quot:information&quot:they have supported up till finally now at the instant are not &quot:flying&quot:with the international! relax certain those all of us ought to no longer surrender because of the fact they’re attempting to do &quot:Gods paintings&quot:that is been my fact in my existence that HE does not any help,especially from those&quot:misfits&quot:another ingredient i prefer all of us to understand and take to heart,Neither Democrats or Republicans are going to make differences that are necessary in basic terms the yank human beings can,and that i pray will. examine with absolutely everyone from Canada,or The British Empire and notice how their well-being care device has worked for them.


GOP moves to repeal healthcare law


Boehner: Wall Street Reform Should Be Repealed

Uh.. I’m sorry.. what were you saying?

If the Republican campaign is to reverse course these last two years, it’s not going to do this country any special favors in the long–especially when the threat of another financial meltdown is in the offing.

But I think that’s what they want.

Obama would veto any attempt to repeal this garbage.

ABSOLUTELY – they will use fixes that WORK…

Tell me how they can do worse
20% REAL unemployment
$1.4 TRILLION deficit (QUADRUPLE Bush’s)
$13 TRILLION debt that YOUR great grandchildren will still be paying off
$1.5 TRILLION a year 0bamacare steaming pile of crap
$1 TRILLION FAILED pork filled socialist political payback
$500,000 per job &quot:created or saved&quot:- billions unaccounted for
Phony GDP &quot:growth&quot: driven by GOVERNMENT SPENDING
NO private sector growth
FAILED Cash for Clunkers
FAILED &quot:tax break&quot: for home purchases… foreclosures UP

Why are Republicans so enthralled with testicles all of the sudden.

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