Are drop seat motorcycles hard to ride?

Are drop seat motorcycles/choppers hard to ride? I’ve only ridden harleys and a few american iron horse bikes. how big of a difference is it?

A hard tail will beat the hell out of you. It is not a good ride……

They do seem a little top heavy but thats about all I ride except for my Shovel I like them better than a stock bike It depends on the builder also

Not when you get used to them. I have chopped 3 goldwings &amp: they are much easier to ride then being 20 feet up in the air on the stock ones…

If you’re just lowering the seat , it will be easier. feet get closer to the ground. It usually the other things that make them hard to ride. Stretched out forks, big fat show time fat tire etc. etc.

Go out and sit in a garbage can and then raise your hands above your head… if you think that’s a comfortable and effective way to ride then you have your answer.

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