Holiday (Christmas) gift/present ideas and stocking stuffer ideas for Mom, Dad, and Sister?

I need some ideas for Christmas. I have about $20 left to spend on my mom, about $40 for my dad, and about $15 for my sister. I also need some stocking stuffer ideas for mom &amp: dad. I know everybody is different, but all ideas are appreciated!!

-Thanks! If you have any questions, ask and I will add details. 🙂

I do choose best answers, so please try! Thanks!

For your sister, well my brother got me a necklace with a &quot:K&quot: on it for my birthday..
I loved it!

Stocking Stuffer For Dad

I just wish you had added their ages and some simple interests so I could help you better!

If your sister is a teenager, I would definitely say something from Victoria’s Secret Pink Collection, not underwear obviously but a cute t-shirt or some sweatpants I’m sure she would love or even a gift card there. If younger I’m sure toys would suffice (something American Girl or Hannah Montana)

As for your mother, it seems clothes may not be the best option because I’m sure you would just get confused, maybe a nice bracelet or watch or earrings from Macy’s? Or if she wears make-up you could find out what her favorite brand is and buy something from one of the counters (again a gift certificate). You could also purchase her a scarf.

As for your Dad, does he have a favorite sports team? Any sort of paraphernalia from that team would surely make him happy. Any hobbies? something related to that like power tools or grilling supplies.

Best of luck!

Get your mom some nice quality body scrubs and lotions and a bath puff or pillow if she takes baths. For your dad, does he have a book he really likes, or a movie or two he really wants, or cologne? Or some sort of tool he might be missing. For your sister, pajamas or slippers or you could get her the bath stuff too.

I got my mom some spices from Watkins (great quality, but pricey) so if your mom likes to cook it might be an idea for her stocking. Movie gift certificates (like to the theatre) or something else for your sister to go do with her friends for her stocking. For your dad’s stocking maybe some nice shaving cream and a fancy applicator brush. Calendars for anybody? If all else fails… everyone loves candy!!

VICTORIA SECRET their body sprays and lotions are to die for, they have different fragrances, you can get 6 for $30. pick out one fragrance for your mom and a different one for your sister, or you can mix and match.
the fragrance amber romance is the best. u can get some travel size make-up to use stuff their stockings.

for dad maybe a cool sweater from aeropostal. thats a cool store to get a sweater between $20-30.

Stuff your mom and sisters stockings with body wash,bubble bath and lotion.Stuff your dad’s stoking with a flashlight,tools and socks.

get your mom one of those cool Ped-Egg things for smoothing feet! lol and some cozy PJ’s.
for your sister, maybe a gift basket full of fufu stuff! some cute flats. earrings…
dad: I WISH I KNEW!!!! good luck with that one! lol
Merry Christmas!!!!

mom: giftcard to spa: bubble bath: nail stuff: lotion: perfume
dad: sports stuff, dvd,
sister: i don’t know age, but-
teen: something from aeropostale, hollister, wet seal, victorias secret PINK, charlotte russe, etc. starbucks giftcard, movie giftcard, twilight stuff, itunes giftcard, ipod accessories, tote bag/purse
little girl: &quot:makeup&quot: (glitter, cheap lipgloss from like the dollar store!), nail polish, hannah montana stuff, disney stuff, build-a-bear (or give her an &quot:IOU&quot: and take her there to build it together!), hair stuff (headband, cute ponytail elastics, etc.), cheap jewelry

sortta depends on how old ur sis is but:
body lotion
hair products
gift card 2 her fav store
bubble baths

For your sisiter. This cloth just spend 10.99.
This is for your dad. spend 19.99
Omni , for your mom.
You can use rest of the money for your self.

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