Had my first beer. Are they all horrible?

I just can’t see how people could like the stuff. The only way I could see myself drinking it is if I liked the idea of beer enough to not taste how bad it is.

When I think of something good to drink and thirst quenching, I’m thinking more along the lines of a nice cold soda, mixed drink, or even orange juice. It doesn’t seem like beer can hit the spot.

I had a bud light in a can.

Are they all pretty much the same, or can I get better beer that tastes like something I’d want to drink as a refreshment without feeling like I’m forcing it down?

(mikes hard lemonade is along the lines of what I call a thirst quencher, BUT it just tastes like soda, not alcohol. I want something that tastes like alcohol but doesn’t taste terrible)

The thing you didn’t like about the beer was the hops flavor. You, like many first time beer drinkers, tasted the bitterness and gave up on it right out the door. Admittedly it took me SEVERAL years before I decided that I like beer, and to be honest, if I am looking for a party drink beer is usually at or near the bottom of the list. (Now I drink it because I actually like the flavor)

Bud Light is a bad choice of beer, but that said, if you didn’t like bud there aren’t going to be many beers that you will like, bud is close to flavorless in the beer world. Yeah there are tons of other beers with different flavors but almost all have the hops flavor to them (its one of the staple ingredients that makes beer beer, Mike’s for instance is a malt beverage, the main difference is that there are no hops added, and instead there is sugar and lemon flavor added instead).

The best way to break yourself into beer really, is to go to one of the very many microbreweries cropping up around the country, and get a sampler. They will give you several types of beer, and it will let you try a bunch and get a good idea of what kind of thing you will like, and what to stay away from. Of course your comment that the only way you could see yourself drinking it is if you like the idea of beer enough to not taste how bad it is, suggests that this might not be an option for you, at least not right now. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. My wife doesn’t like it, never did, and probably never will, though she has gained an appreciation for the various types, the bitterness of hops is just a turn off for her.

So what are you to do? You say that you’d like something refreshing but tastes like alcohol. In my mind these are mutually exclusive, alcohol itself doesn’t really refresh me in anyway (in fact it helps to dehydrate you and thus shouldn’t be used to quench thirst. It should be something to be enjoyed for what it is, not a replacement for water or juice for instance) Mikes is a thirst quencher precisely because it does taste like a soda. Similar products like Zima or many wine coolers, (all of which you may like or not) will fall into this general category. If you are looking for something that tastes like alcohol that you can enjoy I recommend Tequila (shots with lime and salt) or good Vodka (Ketel One is really good, and leaves a nice warm feeling in your stomach). If you are looking for something mixed there are tons of options out there, my best suggestion is get some staple alcohols and try a bunch of different things out to find your favorite. (Stay away from dry martinis, I am betting you won’t like them either). A few people mentioned hard ciders, these are a great choice, Woodchuck Amber is a favorite of mine, but there are tons of options out there, try getting a sampler and see what you think. It was my drink of choice for a long time, and is still something I enjoy sitting down with on a hot day.

Good luck and happy exploring, its a lot of fun!

PS ignore the people who tell you that Mike’s is ***** beer, or that American beer all sucks and only expensive european beer is good. At the end of the day its you drinking, drink to enjoy the flavor, and don’t let the image nazis bother you. We all like what we like, and while someone may disagree, its idiotic for them to think they can tell you what to like and what not to like.

look, beer is an acquired taste, it can take a while to get used too, and bud lite is a terrible beer. my first beer i drank half of it and then gave it away cause i hated it, it was a coors light and that was over 3 years ago when i was 15. light beer is terrible and regular coors, miller, and budweiser are cheap and bland as well. try quality beers like guinness extra stout and stone india pale ale and other beers from stone brewery. just remember it could take a while to get to like it, but eventually youll think theres nothing more refreshing than a good quality brew. do some research about beer and its history and youll find it has a fascinating story to tell. beer is awesome

If you had Bud light in a can, you really haven’t tasted beer yet. That’s sort of like saying that you tried overcooked Brussels sprouts, didn’t like them, and will stop eating food.

There are SO many styles of beer to sample. Get away from the mega-brews and try a bock, a wheat beer, a stout, a kriek, a Scotch ale . . . . So many beers, so little time.

Every beer tastes different. Bud is a popular beer but not a good one. Bud light is even worse. Try different kinds to find one you like or stick with another drink. Try a cider? Guinness?

Well now how old are you ? Beer is the drink of choice for lots of folks who are just beginning to drink alcohol. Unfortunately a lot of younger folks overindulge and show off by stunts like drink till you puke episodes etc. Your tastes will change,sometimes dramatically as you mature ( usually in your mid 20s ) and you might give beer another try because there’s dozens of different types and millions of folks who enjoy a cold one ( or two ) at times. CHEERS

Beer is one of those things that you either like or you hate. If beer is nasty for you, then none of the other beers are going to do it for you.

Although I’ll say that Bud Lite is like making love in a canoe in my tastes (fornicating close to water)

If beer isn’t your thing you are just going to have to look around and try the different forms of alcoholic coolers. Mikes Hard Lemonaid you’ve already mentioned, The hard iced teas, wine coolers, etc.

Man, I agree with you – – the only time it was ever even drinkable was when it was really cold and I was really thirsty, though water would have been better – – however, there were a couple of times when I had beer out in beer halls where it actually wasn’t bad – – but, the stuff from a can or bottle – awful…

Lite beer is made with artificial sweeteners, which makes it taste horrible, try a medium strength beer like XXXX Gold, it’s fab, or a full strength beer like Corona, don’t mix them up when trying, you’ll get a headache

You just haven’t acquired your &quot:beer tooth&quot: yet. Keep trying different types of beer. Go get a six pack of hard cider. (Try woodchuck pear!) That is what I loved to drink at your age.

If you like sweet taste, you can go for fruit beers. There are many kind of fruit beers available, having the flavors of different fruits 🙂

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