brst car to buy HONDA CIVIC or AUDI A3 or GOLF GT TDI ???

-Audi A3 is usually more of a luxury car in most cases. Might cost more to buy, fix, and maintain.
-Honda civic is very common and last long in most cases (some Honda’s are known to have transmission problems after about 60 thousand miles). They also get good gas mileage.
-Golf GT has more power but aren’t the best car. They don’t last long.

*It all depends on what you’re after… speed, looks, gas mileage, or just to get you place.

Never had a Honda Civic, had a Golf GT TDI twice – excellent car with brilliant engine. Drives like a GTI, fabulous 50-80 acceleration and easy to get 55mpg from it. Audi A3 is the same car as a Golf only more expensive. Lift the bonnet on a Golf and you’ll see Audi logos all over the engine parts.

Although I would normally say that a Honda is a great choice as it will hold its value and be less upkeep in the long run, I just can’t say that with the A3 and the GT in the running because they are just so dang awesome looking. VW and Audi have both made some great strides with the maintenance issues that they both used to have and are actually worth the investment because their street cred for design alone is impressive! This is the one area where Honda just misses out- all of the Honda are starting to look like old Tempos compared to these other 2 cars.

The A3 with the tech package is really fun and with a dual exhaust is just plain sexy. The Audi handles better than the VW. So I am going to say the Audi of the 3.

Audi and VW haven’t made good cars in years, THEY SUCKKKK. Look at consumer reports! Not to mention the repaires and there are alot are outragesly priced. If your buying new LEASE, then it dosen’t matter. Honda makes some of the best cars on the road for price and reliability only Toyota maches, thats new or used. Your only chose should be the Honda civic.

Audi A3

Golf, last longer, quicker, more power.

Honda Civics are good for about a year or two, Audi A3 is a good car but parts are hard to get, but not to quick

Audi A3 would be your best choice

I go for honda civic, they are one of the best cars.

Honda, Honda, Honda all the way

no contest, darling

i have a vw vento 1.9 tdi and have no probs with it. if u need vw parts they are cheap at euorparts online

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