Arab-Israeli conflict, West bank and Gaza strip, where do your sympathies lie and why?

Do you think the conflict will ever end? If so, how do you think this may come about?
How could peace reign?

I’m backing the Jews on this one.
Yassar(Yes sir) Arafat knocked back some excellent deals because he listened to people who had their own agendas which involved pushing the Jews into the sea.

No one cares about Palestinians.

The Jews have beaten all comers and superior numbers since 1948.
The opposition has to get a bit better at keeping its boots on if they’re gonna drive them into the sea… AND, the opposition is basically gutless: it does its best work by suicide bomber.

Israel is the only country in the entire world where discussion of its military actions is so closely tied to denying it the right to exist.

The League of Arab Nations created, maintained and continues to exploit the PA refugee crisis because it is their most powerful weapon against what they see as an infidel homeland in the Middle East.

The only thing that the UN has ever done for Israel is a single vote in 1948 for its establishment.

Since then the UN has passed more resolutions condemning Israel than all the rest of the countries in the world combined. That includes such oppressive regimes as China, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, North Korea etc.

In 1947, David Ben-Gurion told the Arabs that this land was going to be a Jewish State but begged them to stay and be a part of it.
Some did, some didn’t.
When the War of Independence began in 1948 the Arab nations got on the radio and told the Arabs living in and around the new State to leave since they didn’t want them to be in the way when they killed all the Jews.
Many more left.
Big mistake.
When Israel signed the armistice, the Jews didn’t let the Arabs come back to their homes.
It’s their own fault.
If they’d have stayed they would have had a much better life than the ones they lead now.
Sorry, but to the victor goes the spoils.

My sympathies lie with the poor folks who happen to be born there and have known fighting their whole lives. I can’t say that either side is truly right or truly wrong.

That whole region has been fraught with fighting almost since the, pardon me, dawn of creation so I think peace there at any point is extremely unlikely.

Peace, Bill

(((Nikon))) Nearly so, I’m afraid. Someone always wants to come out on top, regardless of the cost.

Before the formation of modern Israel, the majority of people living in that area were Arab Muslims with a strong Christian minority. ‘Palestinian’ also referred to the Jews who lived there, even the immigrants who came in after 1918.

Currently, Israel takes up about 78% of the region, and the rest is referred to as the Palestinian Territories. About 80% of Palestinians were expelled from their homes in 1948 as part of the war that created Israel, and have been refugees ever since.

NO country, not even the USA or Canada, accepts the legitimacy of Israel’s claims to the West Bank and Gaza.

The movie ‘The Lemon Tree’ comes to mind: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jalWpTP-2k

It mainly covers the issue about the olive groves in Israel/Palestine, another area for Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

People riot over the outcomes of soccer matches.

Why do we think for a minute they will hug and hold hands over more serious matters?

Whenever I hear Gaza strip I picture some hot chick with a treasure trail

I am pro Arab. The Arabs who lived there did nothing and did not deserved being thrown out of their homes. I am also anti Muslim extremist though. No need to make the Jews second class citizens. The Jews and Arabs should just live together. But I guess for that to happen we’d need hell to freeze over.

As long as they both continue to teach their children to hate, the war will never end and I have no sympathy for either of them, just for their innocent children.

No, both sides want to rule over the entire land…

Israel, which includes Gaza and the West Bank is Jewish

The other Arabs stole it, and now will not give it back

As ordered in 1948 – – –


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