lakers fans do we really want to trade bynum for dwight?

i mean the way bynum is playing i wouldnt wanna trade him for dwight bynum does every thing howard does and is more dominate dont ya think?

Dominate and dominant are two different words.

Anyway, I still wouldn’t mind seeing the trade. Dwight Howard led the league in rebounds and blocks three years in a row, something Shaq never did in his career. Dwight has won Defensive Player of the Year three times in a row, and he’s only two years older than Bynum.

Andrew is injury prone, too, and while he’s playing very well in his two games back, I’m always scared that when I click over to ESPN’s site, I’ll see him on his butt holding one of his knees again.

God yes you trade Bynum for Dwight Howard. Bynum might be one of the better Centers in the league, but Dwight is a Hall of Fame bound beast, the likes of which you’ll only see once every 15 to 20 years. The difference is: Bynum is serviceable and has what it takes to put up solid numbers if he’s given touches, but Dwight is a God among men, a rare superstar (like Kobe, MJ, Lebron) that you can build an entire team around. By the way: Dwight is barely 2 years older than Bynum, and Dwight never gets injured.

What up Wolfpak,

i think we need to make the deal- because with Bynum playing as well as he has- we may be able to trade him without giving up Gasol (imagine if we hadn’t traded Odom away). This will also enable us to make another deal for a point guard. If we are able to get Dwight (meaning NJ does) it also entertains the possibility that we can try to swing a deal for Deron Williams.

Bynum is doing what he is doing without consistent double teams– i think we have to sell High. Bynum had his first 20/20 game – Dwight just had his 34th — age wise they Dwight is only 2 yrs older- but you have to go with his proven track record- he clogs up the middle which really killed us in the playoffs last year- and it also is such a draw in the offseason for players to want to come play with Kobe and Howard. i mean if Deron Williams was not available – we could go after a Nash.


if they wanna compete for fan support against the clippers then yeah. LA would definitely be Lob Angeles if Dwight was the Center. Oh can i get a josh mcroberts too?

Andrew Bynum has been this capable for a while. He just plays behind really good players the last few seasons. And kobes getting older and Pau is still not a very physical player

If Laker get Dwight they would have to a trade Bynum and two other guys

If the lakers really want Howard they will wait until free agency, no point in giving up gasol and bynum for howard. Plus they can trade bynum for a fast pass first point guard.(or imagine williams+kobe+howard+gasol on one team they’d have a good 2-4 years together)

Bynum plays with a lot of heart and fire when he’s on the trading block. This season, or last season when there was talk about the Lakers swapping him for Carmelo. Now, why can’t he do that all the time? Or even just during the playoffs?

id rather see gasol for howard but i know thats not happening… seeing bynum play last game he looks like a real top player for the lakers..on the other hand im tired of seeing gasol shoot it and throw his hands in the air while he shoots so the refs call a foul when he should see he barely gets on the free throw line and all he is doing is causing more turnovers for the lakers which they are already good at doing

Well, I wouldn’t say more dominant from so few games but if he keeps producing like this of course not!
Haha its funny i was going to post a question like this i personally prefer bynum hes ours we dont need another superstar to win championships unlike lechoke

im a celtics fan but if i were a lakers fan i would cuz andrew bynum is good but hes injury-prone as they say which would not be good news for the lakers if he gets injured in the playoffs.dwight on t other hand is a BEAST

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