Do you guys think that George W Bush is the WORST President in US History?

Please explain why if you think he is the worst President in US History.

yes. Look how bad the country is right now. by the way vickidk3 you are a very ignorant person. Listen to what you are saying. Give Obama a chance. If things do go wrong which they wont because i have hope…then you can talk.

I am proud to say Barack Obama is my president and i am glad that BUSH IS NOT MY PRESIDENT! 1-20-09 can’t wait

Not even close. Worst in present history is Carter. Record high inflation, gas lines, record high interest rates, caused the Iran/Iraq problem, sold the Panama Canal, hostage crisis etc etc. And that’s just a start. Ask anyone who lived during that era. Under Bush we’ve been safe since 2001 and we’ve seen the stock market hit an all time peak of 14,000. No president has done this. I don’t like much of the Bush policies, but by staying out of the economy we saw incredible growth. That is, until the democrats won congress. Now the market is barely over 8,000. These recent scandals by senate democrats has really hurt the economy. But liberals write the history books, so don’t expect the truth to be easy to find.

Absolutely, no contest, He spent more money than every other president combined. Could you imagine bankers in any other time saying,’No, I won’t tell you where the money is&quot:, or Iraq, &quot:The money got lost&quot:. How many HumVees did GM sell the Government @ $120,000, and they’re broke. Why not, the CEO made $16,000,000. That mean that, the first 130 trucks that the Goverment buys, just pays his salary. That’s one year, plus jet, Chevy won’t start. The CEOs of the bailed-out banks got more money in bonuses this year than their bail-outs. Putin tpld bush that 9/11 was coming… around 9/11. British papers had it that an attack was coming on 9/11. Israeli businesses started moving out just before. The head of security missed the clues, all of them. Slow or what? Worse, it was bush’s brother Marvin. But now we’re safe.

He will not only go down in history as one of the worst President of the United Stats but most defiantly the most immoral President of the United States which has afflicted more harm on the country and its people than any other President.

No. Buchanan, on the other hand, is definately up there as one of the worst Presidents, as is Bush in my opinion, but he is not THE worst.

If these war crimes continue along with widespread government corruption and a persistent infringement on our rights, I fear what &quot:the worst&quot: will look like.

Worst president ever was James Buchanan who did nothing to prevent the Civil War, but Bush is the second worst after Buchanan. If there was about to be another Civil War, I’m sure Bush would be the same as Buchanan and do nothing to stop it.

Also, to those of you who say there have been no attacks since 9/11 under Bush … use your heads and realize that 9/11 happened because BUSH was the president. How many attacks were there when Clinton was in office? ZERO. How many attacks were there since Bush has been in office? One – and the worst one in American history, so consider that you ignorant conservatives.

Those kind of judgments can only be made with the benefit of Historical perspective. Truman was hated when he left office but was vindicated by subsequent events. I think it unlikely the same will happen with G.W., but it is really too soon to tell.


Largest terrorist attack on Americans during his watch
Started two wars, has won neither of them after fighting longer than WWII
Largest civilian disaster for decades, 1800 dead and total chaos over a major city
Presided over worst economic slump in over fifty years. including the near death of the American auto industry
Foreclosure rate on American homes highest since 1979
Declared North Korea Axis of Evil, then watched as they tested long range rockets and nuclear weapons.
Introduced torture, imprisonment with trial, and military tribunals as American foreign policy

How can he NOT be the worst?

Where should I start. 9/11 when instead of going after Bin Laden he attacked Iraq where it was know not to have any terrorists. Removing some of our freedoms and allowing Homeland Security to get ready for what he has planned to come. Instead of closing the borders he left them practically wide open, hoping to ruin our economy. Bailing out the banks and the big 3. Instead of trying to keep a lid on things he just kept throwing money around and not caring where or who it came from. There’s more but i am really tired.

No, but those who do will not let facts get in the way of how they want things to be or how they have been told to think.

The worst President we had was James Buchanan. I don’t understand all of the Bush haters on here. It’s like they want to blame him for everything. I once heard someone blame Bush for a flat tire. Give me a break.

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