Barack Hussein Obama worst president ever?

Is this guy a joke or what, he calls the AZ immigration bill misguided and is on the side of ILLEGAL immigrants who have bankrupt states brought crime with them and leech off the system, we have yet to see any of his promises come about, troops are still in Iraq, he has reduced nuclear weapon powers of the country and…. he has bailed out banks…….out of all organizations BANKS…….everything he could of done wrong he did….then he gets a noble peace prize…for nothing…. and his wife has an oversized jaw and is the ugliest first lady i ever saw… did I miss anything&amp:gt:?

I totally agree with you! I will say though, we should keep the troops over there till the job is done. If we leave it like this now, then it’s more than likely we’ll have to go back in the future.

But yeah, I doubt he’ll get re-elected. I didn’t vote for him the first time and i sure as hell won’t next time

Have you missed anything? Yes – reality.
The AZ bill is misguided – and more to the point unconstitutional.
When Reagan signed the amnesty bill in the 80s – he wasn’t siding with the illegals? When every president since then did nothing they weren’t? This hostility to Obama is hypocrisy in the extreme.
The troops are still in Iraq – and the timeline for withdrawal is in line with what he promised. Holding him to promises he didn’t ever make is a little unreasonable.
Yes he has continued the work of Bush, Clinton, and Bush in moving along bilateral nuclear disarmament – again to hold it against Obama but not the others is absurd.
Banks were bailed out with broad bipartisan support – Obama did not do it alone. But what he did do was tie the bailouts to equity in those banks – so at least the taxpayer got something back – unlike the bailouts of Reagan in 1987 and Bush in 2008.
Attacking his wife for her looks (and I actually think she is quite an attractive woman) shows you are beneath contempt.

According to Bible prophecy President Barack Obama is going to die in office before his term is over with, and then the Anti-Christ who was one of the previous 7 presidents will take his place and serve a second term in office as president.

President Obama is not the Anti-Christ, but is the forerunner of the Anti-Christ. Bible prophecy says that the Anti-Christ will take his place after his death.

Obama is the 7th King in Rev. 17:10 (also in Daniel 11:20) who will die before his term in office is over with! The Bible says in Rev. that Anti-Christ was one of the previous presidents before him and will serve a second term in office after the death of Obama!

The Anti-Christ will be one of the 7 kings in Rev. 17:10
And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, [and] the other is not yet come: and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.

Those 7 kings were all alive when George W. Bush was the President in 2001 and they were:
1. Gerald Ford
2. Jimmy Carter
3. Ronald Reagan
4. George H. W. Bush
5. Bill Clinton…………….these 5 are fallen.

6. George W. Bush…. is spoken of in the present tense (and one is) because until Reagan died all 7 were alive when George W. Bush was in office!

7. Barack Obama……. [and] the other is not yet come: and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.

Obama is also in Daniel 11:20
Then shall stand up in his estate a raiser of taxes [in] the glory of the kingdom: but within few days he shall be destroyed, neither in anger, nor in battle.

I believe that Daniel 11:20 is prophecy saying that Obama will be a raiser of taxes and die within a few days after that!

The angel Gabriel told me in Aug. 1973 that Jimmy Carter is the Anti-Christ and that he is going to change his name and divorce his wife!

Also i saw the death of Obama in a vision in 1978, and again in a dream!

If you study history you will see what happens when banks collapse.

Just read up on the Great Depression.

Any government that let the banking system collapse would be extremely irresponsible.

The Republicans had bank bailouts under Bush, as did the governments of Germany, the UK, Japan, France, etc. It made no difference if they were right wing or left wing governments, no one wanted the banking system to collapse.

As for immigration. I thought the US was founded by immigrants. Why are they suddenly all mostly illegal and the enemy?

Right wing talk radio has done a REAL job on you hasn’t it? Your question sounds like a weeks worth of talking points from Rush, Sean, Glenn, etc.

To answer your question ALL of these problems have been handed down from administration to administration for many years. Should baseball rules apply? If so the relief pitcher is not responsible for runs scored by inherited base runners. As for the Nobel peace prize, I doubt that any of us here on Yahoo Answers will be invited to serve on the awards committee anytime soon. Your comments about his wife… Well they sound like sheer hatred to me. Please question where you were influenced to such hatred. Could it be from a source that wants your vote?

American society would collapse if they deported all illegals working there your economy runs on virtual slave labor from illegal immigrants.

If Obama had not bailed out the banks you would have no money now except what was stashed under your mattress and that would be worthless because hyper inflation would be round 1000% per day.

I am not sure why you do not like him it may be his political beliefs or his race but at least be honest about what he has and hasn’t done.

He would have achieved more if he was not constantly blocked by republicans.

America voted, he won, that is democracy, get over it !

Has he illegally invaded a country and put the world on the verge of WW3 no not yet so he can’t be the worst.


That honor goes to George W. Bush and then Reagan.


Wow, that is the most ignorant spew I’ve seen outside of Fox News, you should get a job there seeing as you can’t handle complex concepts either.


Without a doubt and he is taking this country down with him.

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