Adult shelter dog suffering from separation anxiety & aggression towards other dogs?

In the beginning of February I adopted a black and tan coonhound who is believed to be about 4 years old from a local shelter. he is very timid and shy until he gets around other dogs. Even if the other dog is trying to play and be friendly he gets very aggressive and attacks the other dog. This is a problem because in the next month there is another person moving into my house with a very rambunctious and active spaniel. If my dog attacks him, im sure they’ll make me get rid of him.

Also, lately he has been suffering from Separation anxiety whenever I leave the house. I come home to poop and pee all over the house and anything that isn’t nailed down in my kitchen is on the floor, broken glasses, eaten food (that my roommate hasn’t learned to put away.) Even when i put him out on his leash to go to the bathroom he will just turn around and bark and claw at the door for as long as ill leave him out there. This morning for example, i let him out, he barked for 20 minutes i let him in while i took a shower and i got out to find a big pile of poop. I have tried feeding him at different times a day, nothing helps.

Other than with other dogs he is not the least bit aggressive, and is actualy the exact opposite. he loves people and is happy to laze contently on the couch.

I am at my wits end. I love him to death, he is the sweetest dog in the world, just misunderstood. He is very loving and a good dog at heart. I don’t want to give up on him, and I refuse to give him back to the shelter, but as a college student i cant spend a million dollars on prozac for dogs. I am begging for some guidance on both accounts.
I don’t hit him when i find poop, or pee, he doesnt even act guilty around it, and i dont believe hitting him or rubbing his nose in it does any good. Please help! for Rangers sake!!

Do you have the option of telling the person who has the rambunctious dog not to move in? You were there first. Could you move into a cheaper place?

It sounds like he needs training. Sometimes shelters offer inexpensive classes.

I used to have a Weimaraner who was the same way. I &quot:rescued&quot: him from a co-worker that had 5 kids and basically, a family that was too busy to give the dog the attention he needed. He tore the arm completely off the couch when he was left alone for 20 minutes and also destroyed a plastic cargo crate and the pans of 2 wire crates. I saw a behaviorist and talked to my vet about it and the conclusion was that the only way to leave him was to sedate him and crate him, for his own safety. It’s not something that anyone ever projected changing. Unfortunately, I had a toddler and 2 other dogs at the time this was going on and I just didn’t have the energy or time needed to care for him. I found a Weimaraner rescue (Better than taking him to the Pound like the former owner was going to). He ended up getting re-homed to a family with another Weimaraner, 2 kids, a stay-at-home Mom and a large fenced yard. Good luck to you!

Why do you leave him out during the day while you are gone? He doesn’t need to be – he needs to be crated during the day. It’s part of his training that he desperately needs. And it’s not punishment or cruel to train him by crating him – he acts out and destroys things out of anxiety and fear. If he has a place of his own where he is kept in and where he feels safe and can simply rest while you are gone during the day, he will begin to calm down and not destroy things while you are gone. It will also help with his separation anxiety. My dogs also have that – crating does wonders for it.
You don’t have to crate him forever. But he needs to be trained and this is the best way to do so.

Also, I am not understanding why you leave him outside alone and expect him to know that’s where his business needs to go. Again, he needs training. Walk him around. Tell him &quot:go potty&quot:. KEEP him out there and STAY with him until he does it. Take him right after he eats. Once he does his business, give him a treat. Keep doing this until gets it.
When he goes inside, he should be crated for thirty minutes, then take him out and do the whole &quot:go potty&quot: with the treat when he does it routine.

This will take a LOT of patience and time on your behalf, but that’s what he needs. Your patience and your time. Things will only get worse if you don’t take aggressive action with his training. And then you will end up giving him up and you will have only yourself to blame. I don’t mean to sound mean, I’m just trying to stress how important it is that you put major time into this.

Good luck and I hope things get better for the both of you.

Try an animal behavorist. And even training. Please do not put your pet on prozac, it will make him lethargic. Contact your local vet or shelter to see what kind of training or who they recommened for a pet like yours. Dont give up! Good luck.

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