Were you disappointed when you found out that Santa Claus wasn’t real?

well, he was a real guy, but not the guy who comes down
chimneys and has flying reindeer.

The Easter Bunny?
Tooth Fairy?

yea i was.
The way i found out was that my dad has this unique hand writing and so I could tell &quot:santa’s&quot: handwriting was my dads.

No. My parents never told me about Santa or the Easter Bunny.
My parents think it’s all a bunch of **** and take away too much attention from the real meaning of Christmas and Easter. By which I mean the religious stuff.

I always knew the toothfairy was fake.

I found out ALL about those &quot:people&quot: on the same day…

But I actually FORCED my mom to tell. And I was a little upset we she broke it to me, but then I thought that it was good that I didn’t have to act like an idiot on those holidays lol

Santa Clause isnt real? Nooooooooooooo


haha, no!
i found the presents in my parents bedroom one year when i was little they have some draws and there is a corner bit that joins them and you live the top and thats where they used to hide them! they never knew i knew though…. actually they still dont now lol!
but my mom and dad sat me and my older brother down to tell us, i already knew but my brother was absolutely gutted! he woudnt believe them at first, it was soo funny lol!


He is real and he will be at a shopping centre near you. SOON

I hope you say sorry as he bounces you on his knee.

Nah, I was more disappointed when I found out I didn’t turn into a guy when I licked my elbow.

my parents never told me. in second grade i found out and figured that if i ever see an old fat guy in my house i’ll slap him. Lol

Yeah, now its hard pretending around my little brother

no. the world made sense then. at that moment you know that their is a vast conspericy to lie to you

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