Spiritually speaking, how is your ego doing?

Crushed by reality. Boosted by friends. I guess it’s level.

My ego is growing…not swelling….and I find it very interesting to find that as I grow as a person, so does my sense of self and where I fit best in the world I live in.

Feeling wonderful and bravely and excitedly facing the future!

Like all humans, my ego is over large, and more fragile then an egg.

Sometimes I like to think that I have a guardian angel who is shiny, gleaming white with a gentle face and 2 large wings.

My ego could really go for a mocha right now. My superego is pretty fed up though.

My ego is doing just fine thank you for asking.

Right now? Really bad. Earlier? Pretty freaking good. Later on? Probably better.

Honestly, I guess it tends to change with how others feel about me. That isn’t the right way to be, but, alas, that is Cassie.

My Ego is becoming my friend.


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