Politics: Do you agree with me on gay marriage & abortion or do you not believe in family values?

I’m strongly opposed to abortion and gay marriage.

Do you agree with me, or do you not have believe in family values?

I would have to disagree. The way someone chooses to live their life is none of your business if you have a problem with gays don’t be gay and if you are opposed to abortion don’t have one. That is why we have separation of church and state so people like you don’t tell everyone how to live their damn life.

Geez get off your high horse.

I am with you…..I think we can agree that along with gay marriage we should oppose the following if we truly believe in family values:

Disrespect to parents
And yes…..gay marriage

But guess what? Even though I believe these things are wrong and are not consistent with family values, in the name of liberty, I do not think the government should make them illegal.

I support &quot:the right&quot: for people to get drunk….and I also support &quot:the right&quot: for same sex couples to marry.

abortions are now and have always been a pro family value action and the math on it is so simple that anybody can understand it
The math
A family of 3 making 25 K a year will live better than a family of 4 will who in turn will live better than a family of 5…..
Gay marriage is also a family value bc unquestioned loyalty is a family value and the families who gay family members are supposed to support and protect those ppl

I actually believe in individual liberty. I don’t think the government has ANY business looking at my medical records (abortion) or discriminating against me if I’m gay.

I don’t give a damn if you’re squeamish about what two guys might do behind closed doors. And while I do think abortion as birth control is morally repugnant, I find the loss of liberty by turning over women’s medical records to the government intolerable.

HATE is not a family value.

I do believe in same-sex marriage, as there is no good reason to deny two people who love each other — regardless of gender or gender identity — the right to marry.

I also believe that a woman should have the right to determine her own reproductive future, and that abortion should be SAFE, LEGAL, Rare, and available, especially to those who want it in cases of rape, incest, or when the life of the woman is in jeopardy.

So yes, I do believe in family values of love, acceptance, compassion, and kindness.

If YOU want to live in a theocracy, then I invite you to move to the Islamic Republic of Iran: until then, remember that here in the United States we are not a theocracy and have the separation of church and state.

No marriage equality will come like it or not and I love it. In case you have been in a coma abortion is legal and always WIll be.
Cons have no &quot: family values&quot: example newt. Cons live in the dark ages there are all sorts of families today , all are equally valid. Drop back into your stupor where you belong

i oppose abortion but i dont see the problem with gay marriage.

Gay marriage will destroy the sanctity of my 5th marriage.

So yes, I agree with you.

One cannot be an atheist and a muslim: the former precludes the latter. You seem like a real &quot:my-way-or-the-highway&quot: ultra right wing conservative to whom anything that differs from your narrow version of ‘normal’ scares you so badly that you immediately lash out and want to enact legislation to limit the personal freedoms of others. You live in America, the melting pot and land of the free. And for you to ask the question as you did simply demonstrates your frustration and ignorance–so go vote for Romney and cry yourself to sleep.

nope you are living in the past go back to your cave and beast your &quot:wives&quot:. Calvin’s idea of family values is screwing his daughter

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