Under Barack Hussein Obama’s health plan, will insurance cover all three of my wives?

I work as mullah in our local Mosque, and our honorable Imam is concerned that under Barack Hussein Obama the Mosque health insuarance costs will go through the roof of the minaret.

Brother Abdullah, the peace of the Prophet be upon you. Our madrassa (near Chicago) has many students here temporarily to help with election that are not burdened by documentation. Our imam has told us to expect a large increase in R1 (religious) visas following victory of honorable B. Hussein Obama that should assist with our concerns, Allah be praised.

I would double check who really bombed the pentagon. Conveniently all the cameras that faced the pentagon &quot:were not working&quot: at the time. The attack came from within so we would have justification to invade Iraq. Wake up, that was Bush’s doing, not Obama’s, and he is not a Muslim, do some research. His mother was an Atheist, his step dad was Muslim.

We could vote in McCain for more of the same…. that is, there will be many Americans left uninsured or underinsured. We’ll keep squandering the money we should be using on our own people, on a war that will last indefinitely, and in the mean time, all Iraqis will have health insurance and a brand new infrastructure.

No, the American tax payer will pay continue to pay your government assistance for 2 of your wife’s children since bigamy (having more than one wife) is against the law in the Unites States (thank God).
Americans need to wake up!

Yes but for wife number 4 you’ll have to pay a spend down of 35% of your income

Womans are allow to have health insurance. That is the idea protect womans and their babies. That is why the are in USA for freedom and opportunities. Where did you get married 3 times?

You’ll get expensive insurance with Obama, or deported back to whatever armpit part of the world you came from with McCain.

How about we cut your D ick into 3 parts and give each of your wives a part that way you will be shared equally……..

I like your style, and yes Im sure somewhere in the grand
Obama give away scheme. there will be room for all the
wives, and some friendly goats.

Fear not, with the liberal marriage laws on the horizon people will be marrying their brothers and sisters to help them get health insurance.


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