I want a tonnnn of answers, so dont let this question pass by you! is it possible to get 100 or more answers?

then help me out and prove it =P
say something, anything random about yourself
i’ll go first, i own a red moped. woot. this one, http://www3.telus.net/dougsimpson/spree.JPG

my cat pee’s in my fiance’s shoes when he doesnt feed her

definite!! of direction! And in case you have toddlers at domicile that is ten time greater durable. you need to stay to tell the tale a great keel to maintain the domicile front sane for their sake. even once you opt to cry considering you’re under pressure/lacking your companion you save a stiff greater lip so the youngsters sense secure. i think of all people that doesn’t see a soldier as a factor of a relatives is defective and inconsiderate. whether that soldier does not have a spouse and little ones, he nevertheless has a Mama, Daddy, siblings and pals that difficulty approximately them and love them. Very short sighted to make certain the soldier as a solitary individual, devoid of attachments at domicile.

Yes it is possible.

And I think you posted in this category cause it’s the most active category in Yahoo! Answers, rather than by random chance.


I wonder if you really will get 100 posts.
It’s stressful today at the office.

yes its possible to get more than 100 answers but i dont see this happening for you.. not at this rate.
My 21st birthday is saturday and im going to be partying it up in Panama City beach!!! YAY

I have 3 cats and one of them is in love with my dog.

nice red moped
let’s see one random thing about myself is that i hate ketchup wow that was really random

i am a 13 year old girl and shoot a 12 guage shotgun (: is that random enough?

something, anything random about urself?
I have 10 toes and 10 fingers…
what, its true

i have a blue motorcycle and I work in an ER is southern California

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