Huge list of double standards against guys. Only about three of them are untrue. Feminist response to some…?

Or all of them? This lits is long, but it underlines everything I’ve been saying since I came to GWS. I found it on a facebook page.

hy is it that women complain when men leave the toilet seat up, but men don’t complain when women leave it down?

Why do women complain about men that only want one thing, but men don’t complain about women that want everything?

Why do women have the choice between abortion, adoption, dropping an unwanted baby off at a hospital, raising the child with a father, or raising the child without a father, but the only choice men have is to agree?

Why do women dress in makeup, short skirts, bare midriffs, and low-cut blouses but complain about men that stare at them?

Why do we pretend that men are the ones that abuse children when it is a well-known fact that women abuse children more than men?

If single mothers have it so bad, why do women initiate about eighty percent of divorces and routinely commit perjury to win custody?

Why do we have a Violence Against Women Act but nothing for men when women cause domestic violence just as often as men?

Why is it funny when a woman kicks a man in the groin but terrible if a man did the same to a woman – won’t the man be in more pain?

Why is it terrible for a woman to be raped once but funny when male prisoners get raped over and over?

Why is a man a wimp if he lets his wife beat up on him but a criminal if he defends himself?

Why does women’s health get much more attention when men die about seven years younger than women?

Why do we complain about legislators being mostly male when they always promote women’s rights and never promote men’s rights?

Why is it sexist to have clubs for only men but empowering to have them for only women?

If women only make 72 cents for the same work where a man earns a dollar, why don’t companies hire only women and put the competition out of business?

How do police know who to arrest when there is a domestic disturbance involving lesbians?

Why do married women complain that their husbands don’t want to change a baby’s diaper but divorced women say their ex-husbands can’t take care of a child?

Why do men that don’t pay child support go to prison but nothing ever happens to women that don’t allow visitation?

If women-in-the-military is such a good thing, why don’t they have to register for the draft?

Why are we so concerned about girls under-performing boys in math and science but not concerned about boys under-performing girls in everything else?

Why do fathers have to pay the mother to take his children away from him in divorce?

Why is it legal for women to lie to men about who the father of a baby is to get child support, but a crime if she tells the same lie to the government to get Social Security or military benefits?

Why do women have to prove they spent the money on the children when they collect welfare but don’t have to do the same when they collect child support?

Why do we have to cut men’s sports that have fans to create women’s sports that don’t?

Why do women tennis players win the same prize money as men when they only play three sets and men play five – isn’t that equal pay for less work?

Why is it called sexual freedom when a married woman commits adultery but called cheating when a man does the same?

Why are female murderers presumed to be mentally ill but male murderers presumed to be killers?

Why are there thousands of “father’s rights” groups but no “mother’s rights” groups?

Why do we have so many fathers groups fighting for more time with their children when there are so many social problems attributed to fatherlessness?

Why do men have to support women at the same standard of living following divorce when women don’t even have to cook and clean his new apartment?

If divorced women have it worse than divorced men, why do divorced men commit suicide eight or ten times as much as divorced women?

Why do we pretend that men walk out on their wives and children when women initiate about eighty percent of divorces?

Why is it considered sexist to have a couple of television shows geared towards men when there are several channels catering only to women?

Why are television moms always portrayed as wonderful and loving and television dads always portrayed as inept buffoons?

Why is it politically incorrect to say anything negative about women but funny to put men down?

Why are women without a job considered to be exercising free choice but men without a job considered a bum?

Why do feminists demand that women be equally represented in high paying and powerful jobs but don’t complain when low-paying, dirty, and dangerous jobs remain mostly done by men?

Why do we have to say “Chairperson” and “Congressperson” but its ok to say “garbage man” and “bad guy”?

Why do we always hear the phrase “innocent women and children” but never hear about “innocent men” or “m

Dammit, I love this question!
I’m putting this in my favourites so that I can read it over and over in the future.
I’d like to copy this question and submit another copy of it, just to grind those anti-male women into the ground a little more. I’m reading some of the answers they are giving, and I can tell they are pretty steamed at the justice you are dealing them.

Here’s a couple more things I could add:

-Why do parades et al involving soldiers have to feature men and women in soldier uniforms, when men are drafted against their will and die in wars, while women aren’t drafted and stay at home?

-Why do female teachers abuse young boys, when 10-15 years down the road those same boys are going to be gentlemen who will look after and care for society?

-Why do girls call boys stupid, when history shows that 90%+ of everything have been invented by men?

-Why do women complain that men are always dirty, when research shows that women spread more bacteria than men?

-A woman can gestate and give birth to babies. It takes 9 months to go from a blastoid to a human. They brag about it and talk about how great they are because of that all the time.

A man, by the time he is 13, is able to impregnate a woman every day of his life, until he is at least in his 40s.
(That’s roughly 10 000+ babies) We never brag about it, or even talk about it.

To all the anti-male women out there:

I am a man. If you don’t like it, screw you. We’ve done a LOT for you and it’s about time you went to your place and started appreciating us.

A agree but everyone already knows that there are plenty of double standards against both genders.

This is kind of like the similar thing about women that someone posted a few days ago: buried in there is something potentially interesting, but you’d have to whittle away the BS first – otherwise it just looks like a mixture of spite, trivia, and simple inaccuracy. There are a few genuine inequalities in there – but there are a lot more than three that are untrue, and far more than that which are simply irrelevant or inconsequential.

Women are always bi*ching. Get enough of them together and they can change the world. But don’t worry, they’ll change it for the worse and blame it on the men.

Toilet seat up? Dudes don’t accidentally sit down on crystallized piss and/or fall in the toilet if the seat is down. Plus, I doubt they poop with the seat up.

Men can’t complain about women who want everything? This is a hugely generalized statement of both genders: most men, in my experience, do not only want sex, and most women, in my experience, don’t want/ask for &quot:everything.&quot: Those are just simple and selfish people.

Raising babies? Totally agree, that is ****** up.

About abuse? Never heard that, but, if you include wife beating, men probably do more abuse. Plus, are they counting psychological or just physical? Since many abuse cases are never even brought to light, how can this be a &quot:well known fact.&quot:

Kicking a guy in the groin? In my experience, this is only funny on TV.

Women and divorce? This is a huge topic, and I can see both sides. There is just as large of a double standard that any woman with a rich guy is a gold digger.

Rape? Most rape cases are brushed off by the police, and often times the girls are vilified for ruining the guys reputation. Colleges often protect young men as &quot:they are young, don’t know wrong from right, and the community doesn’t want to ruin their life over ‘just one possible rape’&quot:. Also, far more articles about girls crying rape are published than actual rape cases. I agree that prison rape is not funny, but I would say men make that joke more often than women. Regardless, rape just isn’t funny. Period.

VAW act, and women commit domestic violence just as much? See next comment. Also there are many resources for men.

Man a wimp if his wife beats him? This is true, but is also another one started by men, and the other side of it is that a man is supposed to &quot:control his woman.&quot:

Why does women’s health get much more attention when men die about seven years younger than women? Simply not true, and ridiculous.

Why do we complain about legislators being mostly male when they always promote women’s rights and never promote men’s rights? The phrasing of this makes it not even worth responding to.

Male clubs? That sounds like a purely militant feminist statement. I think everyone accepts &quot:guy time&quot: and &quot:girl time.&quot: Also, how many &quot:Lady caves&quot: (uhh hehe) do you see on a regular basis?

72 cents to a dollar? Because they don’t think women do the job as well, hence the lower pay.

Lesbian domestic violence? This is downright offensive and retarded. Sounds like a double standard that homosexuals have to deal with…

Women asking men to change the diaper? Another giant generalization. Also comes from trying to change the idea that &quot:women belong in the home.&quot:

Boys under performing? Girls are actually doing better across the board and this is an incredibly new topic and lots of effort is being put toward helping boys. The same issue has been in reverse for ages and the effort for girls only very recently started. Also, there is a much larger social prejudice that girls are worse at math/don’t understand logic.

Men go to prison? I know a lot of people, of both genders, who don’t pay child support and a prison sentence is rare. Also the child support and the visitation are both ruled by the judge, so that’s why. If a woman isn’t letting her husband see the kid, he can bring it to court, and the judge will decide. It is true that there is gender bias in the court, though.

Registering for the draft should be taken away completely, I think most people agree with that. I would guess that people who don’t, also don’t believe women should be in the military. lol

Fathers paying the woman? Another poorly phrased statement. There is definitely gender bias regarding children, but this is a silly, exaggerated way of putting it.

Lying about who is the father? Because it is impossible to tell if she was lying or really didn’t know. If one lies to the govt. for ss or mb, it’s pretty damn easy to prove.

Child support proof? This goes either way. Men don’t have to either. This article keeps saying this **** like it’s different for men.

Cutting men’s sports? I would say female teams have plenty of fans (there are as many girls in sports at schools) they just don’t get nearly as much funding because sports in general are geared toward the male demographic. Why is it wrong to even out the sports world? It isn’t even close to equal anyway, this is funny because there are so many more bias’ against female sports.

Tennis? Because, relative to their size, they are doing equal work.

Sexual freedom? Really? That is just complete bullshit. Why is a woman a slut if she cheats, but a man probably just is because his wife isn’t putting out enough? Why is a man who sleeps around a player, but a woman is a slut? Female homo-sapiens slept around just as much as their male counterparts in order to have the strongest baby possible.

Female murderers? Because there are FAR, far fewer murders committed by females. Anyway, why does it matter? Both will be punished…

Why are there thousands of “father’s rights” groups but no “mother’s rights” groups? LoLWut?

Fathers who want their kids? This goes back to gender bias in court.

Divorce support? I agree divorce laws need to be revised. Was this assuming she was cooking and cleaning for him when they were together, though? haha Also, this goes both ways, it just happens that men are more often the &quot:bread winners&quot:, although, this is changing.

Divorced men? Men commit suicide 3-4 times more often than women, in general.*(*ref-wikipedia)

Men walk out on families? Definitely an unfortunate double standard.

TV shows sexist? I would say most tv/movies (DEFINITELY porn lol) are geared toward men. The ones geared toward women are usually stories about strong women giving up everything to be with their dream guy.

Television moms vs dads? Why is this the only tv gender relationship in favor of the woman?

Putting women down? I would say this is about equal: look at comedians biggest topic.

Without a job? Never heard that about women, but this is a true double standard. It also comes from a &quot:male bread winner&quot: mentality, though, which stems into an entire corner of sexism women have had/still to fight.
High paying vs. low paying jobs? Probably because all low paying jobs are physical labor jobs. And those companies are male dominated because women probably wouldn’t be hired (for good reason).

Chairperson? There are a lot of female chairpeople (yeah, have you ever heard that? Was just corrected by computer to write chairmen). Why are there so, so many synonyms for slut (all geared at females), and so few for men, all of which have positive connotations?

Innocent women and children? Yup wrong, but considered archaic by most.

The person who wrote this seems pretty desperate and resentful. Yes there are some double standards men have to deal with, but why can’t we be compassionate to each other? Why is this written as if to discredit all double standards that women have to put up with?

Double standard is a synonym for handicap, in case you’re wondering.

This is a good list with a few good points. but there are a few that miss.

&quot:but men don’t complain about women that want everything&quot:
What do you think most men are on here for?

&quot:If single mothers have it so bad, why do women initiate about eighty percent of divorces and routinely commit perjury to win custody&quot:
So if a woman leaves because of of the actions of men it is their fault? And men commit perjury as well. Don’t be so naive.

&quot:Why are television moms always portrayed as wonderful and loving and television dads always portrayed as inept buffoons?&quot:
And who are the majority of writers, producers and direcors of these shows? Men!

I could go on but I am bored with it already.

why do women have to dress casually while men can just throw on a tshirt and jeans?

You’ve got all this time to make this list, shouldn’t you get a job?!

that’s a huge list you’ve got there. can’t respond to all. but most can be explained by logic or nature. for example:

&quot:Why is it terrible for a woman to be raped once but funny when male prisoners get raped over and over?&quot:

most male prisoners obviously done something bad to end up there in the first place. people find it funny that the male prisoners are &quot:getting punished&quot: and humiliated repeatedly for their wrongdoing.

female prisoners get raped by fellow female inmates too.

imagine a lady like your sister who has done nothing wrong and minding her own business going to do some grocery shopping and gets knocked out and raped.

wouldn’t that be terrible? compared to drug dealers, rapists, murderers and thieves in jail who got raped.

to see the brighter side of it, at least male inmates wouldn’t get pregnant with a bastard child and end up taking care of it.

raping in prisons mostly got to do with power. they want to let the victims know who’s in charge.

I could read that, but unlike you I actually have a life.

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