Has Jesus selected the next Republican presidential candidate yet?

Not yet. Jesus is still waiting to get the OK from the NRA and the Taliban to christen Secessionist Sarah .

truly some those statements are comments, no longer data. All are secure by employing the 1st modification. And all are taken with out contextual foundation for understanding. i’m unsure what the element is. And Jesus does not choose, the delegates do, nonetheless i wish they choose somebody who a minimum of isn’t antagonistic to Jesus or christians. * those christian terrorists constantly slicing necks and blowing up themselves. * reason ya be attentive to, no different faith has terrorists, actually there are no longer any muslim terrorists.

LOL! No he hasn’t. But early in 2012 (or even before that) the Republican National Committee will decide who Jesus picked, and line up all the money behind him/her. Then you’ll know Jesus’ choice. 8^) (Hint: It won’t be Sarah Palin).

So they are deciding to go for the Hispanic vote then, it might be a winner there many Hispanics are Republican voters and it would be a good thing to the Mexicans to have a President that will listen to them, instead of blaming them for the Alamo.

They’re still waiting for the final answer- He will make a rare appearance on tv to inform the world- probably on the Glenn Beck show. Stay tuned.

Jesus only cares about the elections happening in Denmark, the rest of the world is on its own.

I guess if Jesus selects Republican candidates, Satan must select Democrat candidates.

That explains Obama!!!!!!!!!!

No Jesus isn’t involved in politics

That wouldn’t follow the &quot:free choice&quot: model.

Right now he is changing water into tea.
Problem: Republicans need water, not tea.

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