Do you own dogs or does your dog own you?

I don’t own any pet, any more than I’d own a friend. Matter of fact I just found a good home for my two Great Pyreneese. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, but they needed more running room so found them a farm where they can do what they enjoy, run, play and even herd. I really do miss them, but keeping them confined would have been a selfish act on my part.

Yea I have a dog..well, puppy. 14 weeks old-chihuahua. Male. He’s kind of been a pain lately. I bring him to work (I’m a Nanny) and the parents just bought a female (spayed) puppy for there kids so yea, he’s hyper all the time and thinks he doesn’t have to listen to me for some reason. As soon as he gets home where there are no dogs though, he’s fine. Go figure! Maybe once I Get him ‘fixed’ he will be a better listener and calm down a bit.!!

I own my dogs, but I consider them family. They sleep in the bed, eat some of the same food, and even get ice water on hot days. lol. I pamper them, but if they ever beg, I send them to the backyard till I finish eating and make sure they understand just cause they get pampered doesn’t mean they’re humans. lol. I know a couple of people where the dog owns them, and it’s sad.

Technically, I own my dog. But only in the sense that I ‘own’ my children or any other loved ones. However: my children don’t manipulate me but my dog – a Black Lab does.
It’s cats that humans don’t ever ‘own’. They merely tolerate us…and that…only as long as we feed them.

I own my dog…He is very well trained by me…I have a Black Lab that loves the water…I live by the beach, in which we jog every morning. See my Yahoo 360

Actually both of us owns each other. I can not withstand that any body hurt my dogs, and my dog will not tolerate if he see some one is hurting me. We think each other our own properties.

I own my dog.

I own my dog.

My dogs own me, unless they get naughty then I own them and when I am thinking of doing sometthing I shouldn’t my dogs look at me like &quot:don’t do it Lauren&quot: I guess we sort of help each other!

I ditto Puppy Mummy only I have 3 JRTs!!!! Something about these little dogs just takes over your entire heart and soul!!!
Mine own me!

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