Clinton supporters would you vote for a Obama Clinton ticket… and Obama supports would you vote for a?

Clinton Obama ticket?

Or would you be stubborn and not vote like I know a lot of whiney people say they would do. I mean at least your candidate is on the ticket right?

that is the best option and i wish that clinton and obama would just slap themselves in da face and realize that

I don’t think that that will happen. But I would vote Democratic.

I am an obama supporter and I would vote for that ticket.
but for some hilary supporters they are SO ignorent or hateful towards obama they would vote for mccain! Are they crazy or what!
Who would vote for a republican and out of all of them mccain?

I will not vote if Clinton gets the noination. She cannot get the nomination honestly anymore so why should I vote for a fraud?

I want Obama as The President. I don’t think he will choose HRC, but if he does…yes..I will vote for them. If Hillary somehow miraculously ends up on the Nov. ballot I will vote for her no matter who her VP is, but if it’s Obama…that would make it a lot easier for me.

i have hit them with this question about 4 mts ago…..they said no then and they definitely will say no now. both ways………….
Either candidate will definitely have to find a VP that will make up the difference in them!

There is NO reasoning with Clinton supporters. Thank God this is not a plea-deal.

No way. Nothing against Hillary. Everything against Obama.

Thanks for calling me whiny…no I will never vote for Obama under any circumstance…

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