Best answers on yahoo answers fixed by groups. Agree?

I just saw this serious tech question and the answer a vague one, where it is apparent the person does not know the subject but gives a positive turn -I dont advise but do it if you must’ There are other perfect answers but the chaep answer nothing to do with the question gets 8 votes – WoW.

Yahoo Answers is dying with cheap answers nothing to do with the question. I agree with above comment, the best answer is fixed. By no stretch of the imagination can it be the best answer.

Undoubtedly groups are operating where they inform each other about the questions they’v answered and their answer. I guess the rest just vote for each other.

Bye guys I guess I’ve got to find another site if I’ve got doubts, its a waste of time here.

Those who disagree will be from jpbless fixer groups.

I think it’s up to the person who ask the question should figure out the bad answers, then they should pick the best answer they like, I enjoy looking at the answers not taking them all seriously, some people take this as entertainment, if I need advice I’d seek a professional for the true answer…………

Nothing is way too deep, this issue has been brought up earlier but not put this clearly. It ought to have been fixed long ago, it wont be – yahoo will let it be. Yahoo can fix it if they want to. I personally have grown a dislike for Y answers and am not visiting, cept out of curiosity as I’ve other interests. Junk answers win the day here, don’t waste your time my friend, which is why Yahoo lost out in a couple of areas..

The only thing you can do is to report the bogus answers. A few months ago there was a troll in one of the other groups I visit, who would post mindless dumb answers, immediately get 12 thumbs-ups, then if the question went to a vote, they would get 6 or so &quot:best answer&quot: votes. In that group, generally 2 or 3 &quot:best answer&quot: votes was all you would see on real answers.

A regular in that group mentioned the troll by name, and linked to some of the bogus non-answers, and lots of us began flagging his answers… and the troll disappeared, and has not reappeared. I don’t know if Yahoo pulled the plug or the troll realized he’d been outed and went home to cry to his mommy, but the problem is gone.

Anyway, all I can say is to flag the bad answers and maybe Yahoo will do something.

There is an element of people simply voting for their friends / own answers (under multiple logins) however there is also a large quantity of people that DO read and answer questions properly.

I myself have been bumped as the only other answerer over some vague answer with a weblink, so clearly they were a spamming team. Nothing you can do, but REPORT them when you find them !

Oh yeah, and DON’T take it too seriously. (P.S. my 55% ish best answer ratio is genuine, not staged through a group of people following me around)

find another site
it is all about the points
sort of like a crazy game u get involved with when there is no point

sorry, no rocket scientist here, just children at the playground.

yahoo would have to change the point systems to change this, but it’s too late

just look at the hateful questions and hateful responses

I have wondered the same thing. I believe some of the &quot:High scores&quot: are running to IDs and voting for themselves.
I will continue to advise the best I can.

Good luck, Brother.

Most are right, if Yahoo changes its rule after questions has been decided – then it should motivate more people to answer well.

You never know how many good knowledgeable people werent motivated to stay.

I was just thinkin if Yahoo isint worried about its reputation – why worry? or should we? This is first time I didnt feel bad to a thrice asked question as i was wondering myself.

I think the main thing is that if people asking questions are concerned about this, they should make sure that they always pick their own best answer to the question so that it doesn’t have to go into voting.

I agree fully, I’ve seen some VERY dumb answers picked over others that were actually helpful

All you can do is &quot:keep it real&quot: even if that means leaving… BYE!

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