which of 16 current nba playoff teams will win at least one nba title in next ten years ?

1990s winners – LA Bulls Rockets Spurs
2000s winners – LA Pistons Spurs Miami Celtics

So just around 4 or 5 actually wins per decade.

i think these teams will win at least one,

in east: magic cavs

in west: lakers blazers ( blazers are young but would eventually dominate )

could win but must do it within window of 2-3 years from now: denver.

Sigh, why does everyone keep forgetting the obvious? Bosh and L.J. to the Knicks in 2010 for the beginning of our dynasty?

I think the magic are going to win a lot more to come but if you are saying ten years nobody will know because they will have new players maybe better maybe not but if i had to say a team it would be the orlando magic that is if they keep the players they have for the years to come the magic already beat the cavaliers and the lakers so im thinking its going to be the magic

1. LA – obvious. 2. Boston – with all of their players together and healthy, things look good for them. Especially with the development of Rondo getting better. 3. Denver – Billups holds that group down and Smith will be a starter next year, so he’ll mature and become more of the scorer he is. 4. Magic – They have a great group of guys together and I don’t ever see the Cavs beating them. 5. Cavs – They’d have to go through Magic and Celtics, and it’s unlikely they’ll beat them because it’s not like they have room to sign any big free agents.


the east: magic, celtics (if they do it before either Allen, Pierce or Garnett decide to retire), heat (maybe, not definitely)

the west: nuggets, blazers (maybe), lakers (if they don’t fold in the Finals)

east yes cavs, orlando and celtics when healthy but west Lakers they are to good portlanad is not consistent enough

east:hawks(could do it but needs some more defense)
heat, magic,celtics
west: lakers,blazers,

East — &gt: CELTICS : MAGIC : CAVS.

dallas if they still have dirk

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