Mr Bush says Iran shouldn’t have nukes even if that means world war III. Why ?

Mr Bush says that the international community shouldn’t allow Iran to have any nuclear capabilities even if it means world war III . i’m missing something here . ww3 means nukes will be raining on everybody including American soil . planet earth may fracture . where this guy is taking us ?

He (Bush) almost seems to be pushing for it doesn’t he

Russia despite people’s misconceptions is no one to fool with

Russia has tried to draw a line in the sand without provoking Bush into crossing it

There has been very little bravado from Russia just small consistant warnings

The conventional forces treaty in Europe is now gone because Bush insists a missle defense system must be placed up Russia’s butt –

Routine bomber patrols are now a daily occurancce somthing Russia hasn’t done for years – US reaction ? If Russia wants to bring those aged planes out of moth balls good for them ( that is close to a direct quote from the American government)

Buzzing of US bases in Guam and coming close enough to the UK to make them scramble jets – Wow —-that isn’t somthing to be ignored is it ?

Now Russia has blatantly said – Military action on Iran will not be tolerated – Gee I wonder what that means

It is Bush – The American President not the Russian that has started thowing terms like nuclear war and world war around

China has also warned against attack

But get this – The offical US policy statements are still there are no plans to attack Iran –

Why is France stopping it’s companies from bidding on Iranian contracts and both Russia and China warning the US if the policy is not to attack Iran ?

I know some Americans will claim they are just trying to look good – But that is your answer then – wow how could it get worse when your willing to assume your President Bush is telling the truth and just ignore the clear warnings

And what motivation does France have ? Looking good ?

These are very serious and dangerous times and words

What needs to get accross to people is this

Attack Iran and there will be a war with Russia and China

Sould that be a nuclear one NO ONE WILL WIN

In the event that the US has no hits at all and both Russia and China are turned into glass as some Americans are fond of saying the radiation will eventually make it around the globe to cause massive problems for the US – and death will be slow and enivitable

The above scenario is impossible in my mind for the US to not take multiple and hard hits in the exchange killing multiple millions

He didn’t say that, he said that them having nukes would start WWIII. Iran would no doubt bomb Israel and most likely us.


Bush wants to AVOID Nuclear War.
You must be For it.

Democrats Hate America so much, that they have already Surrendered to Ahmadinejad.
No surprise, eh????
Democrats Surrender to EVERYONE!

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