Is Golden Compass an Anti-Christian movie?

Phillip Pullman-the producer is a child of Jewish parents. He considers himself Atheists, like many of the Russian Jews, who created Communism,became Atheists, killed Russian Tzar and killed millions of Christians in the former Soviet Union.
The Golden Compass is his second Anti-Christian book.

You are correct. There is definitely an agenda here. It’s a political series of books and movie.

The movie is not a threat to Christianity. The Christian Church is here to stay, and will never be defeated. The problem is that many unsuspecting people will be deceived by the atheistic view that Pullman is pushing.

I am not going to the movie. Why give money to an atheist who is thumbing his nose at God? I’m not &quot:boycotting&quot: anything. I prefer to do something more meaningful than watch a movie about a little girl who is a compulsive liar. I read the books. They were a waste of time.

By the way–those of you who say this is &quot:just a movie&quot: are deluding yourselves. It’s a vehicle for Pullman to push his atheistic views on an unsuspecting public. It’s Pullman’s agenda.

• Golden Compass (actually, the whole HDM trilogy) is one of my favorite books, and has been since I was a child. I NEVER read into it as being anti-Christian. I read it as anti-authoritarianism, anti-dogmatic, and certainly in favor of free thinking. Granted, I myself am not Christian, although I have a lot of respect for that faith, so it may be that I’m missing the anti-Christian undertones I keep hearing about.

But I always felt the series was very pro-spiritual–indeed Philip Pullman, the author himself, said in an interview &quot:The religious impulse includes the sense of wonder and awe when we look at the universe, the urge to find a meaning and a purpose in our lives, our sense of moral kinship with other beings.&quot:

The main ideals of the book, the morals, are PROFOUNDLY Christian—and Jewish, and Wiccan, and humanistic, et al. They are things that every person, from every faith can appreciate: bravery, compassion, self-awareness, sacrifice. Even though the author himself is agnostic (not athiest, by the way), I think if you are a good theist (meaning you feel a genuine spiritual connection to the diety/dieties of your choice IN YOUR HEART, rather than because it’s what you were told), then these books are actually very faith-affirming

I have not seen it, and am cautious of &quot:knee jerk&quot: reactions to cautions put out from various sources. My research regarding this movie would indicate that it is one to be avoided.

Movie &quot:The Golden Compass&quot:
St Pauls Hebron
Dec 6, 2007

Be alert! A new movie, The Golden Compass, is set to be released on Dec. 7, 2007 throughout the US and translated into 32 different languages as well. The movie is based on a trilogy, His Dark Materials. The author, Phillip Pullman has said in an interview that this trilogy concentrates upon this theme &quot:I Want to kill God in the minds of Children… I want them to decide against God and the Kingdom of Heaven&quot: quote from Phillip Pullman. The Golden Compass, a sanitized version of the book, wants to have children and young people rebel against parents, teachers, the Church, and anyone in authority.

well, i’ve read the books,and i gotta tell you, those thigns really changed by perspective of things. i was a christian before and a christian after and still am today. yes, the books to portray the Church as the bad guy, but not necessarily religion. it is about the conflict good and evil, but in the end what wins out is human nature, which is both and neither. the god in the movie is not the same God you and i worship: but yes, he does die near the end. the books at least aren’t about &quot:killing God&quot: in the literal sense, they’re about getting past the beurocracy and politics and hypocracy of the church. i would encourage you to read the books first and make your own educated decision instead of basing it on short excerpts of quotes from interviews a long time ago. if you read them, approach them with an open mind and if you still don’t like the idea then by all means don’t go see the movie. even if you don’t want to buy the books they’re almost certainly at your local library i know mine has two books of each part of the trilogy. also, i’m not sure about the movies but the books at least are NOT childrens books and not intended to be so. Nicole Kidman, who plays one of the main roles in the movie and is also Catholic said not to long ago in an interview that she wouldn’t have done the movie if she’d thought it was anti-christian. however, she also acknowledged it was &quot:not for children&quot:

Whatever Pullman intended, it’s up to the viewer. Yes Pullman is an athiest, but the movie is fiction, fantasy, I put it on the same scale as Shrek. Use it for entertainment. Does Nicole get naked? Sorry, went off track for a minute.

Me, I finished my heavy-deep-and real analysis with fction when I had to read Animal Farm in 5th grade. Sister Mary Margret made us read it.

Now, if Michael Moore was involved……….might be something to this conspiracy of witches &amp: warlocks.

Well yes, Pullman stated that this work was a response to C S Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, an overtly christian tale. I was raised christian and I read the Pullman trilogy (His Dark Materials). I enjoyed them thoroughly and it never occured to me that I should change my belief system based on a work of fiction.

Personally, I think it is just a movie.. I will either see it or I won’t. It will have no lasting impact on my life.

One point tho.. I bet that if this was a Christian producer making a film that reflected bad on Judaism.. all hell would break loose.

Sign of the times. I guess!


Well yesterday I was told by my Priest that it is. It depends how holy you are. I probally won’t see it because of that.

Anti-Christian? So any fictional work that doesn’t include bible-thumping morons is anti-Christian?

PS: I’m Christian.

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