In ur daily activities wat role r u playing in lowering global warming?


I play the role of not buying into nonsense and doing nothing to stop something that doesn’t exist.

I’m working on a missile capable of destroying the sun. Sure, if I get it to work it’ll have some serious side effects! But, it’s the only way we can stop &quot:global climate weird weather disruption change&quot: ( not sure what the scam is called now, so I include everything! )

1. Buy energy efficient electrical products
2. Walk more to places (Less cars, buses, though buses less co2than cars).
3. Recycle paper, metal,glass.

Some people think all this will have little effect because of the amount of co2 in the atmosphere and the growth rate.

I don’t use plastic until there is much &amp: much necessity. I don’t spit or put anything on the road to keep my city clean. I don’t waste water &amp: i have planted plants outside my house.

I have made a group called S.O.E. i.e. Save Our Enviornment in my school.There are many students participating in it.And we do the work of saving nature and planting trees saving natural resources.I am feeling really good.You do it too and contribute your hand for saving nature

I do nothing but contribute to global warming. I don’t have much of a choice. I didn’t say NO choice, just not much of one.

I place a cup of ice on the porch everyday.

Well I try to do my best by using public vehicles rather than using private vehicles!

I R plyn no roll in redcn GHG.

I hate text shorthand…

I send bio gas … ( heee …. heeee…. )
Have a beautiful acred guarden

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