Birth control pills- started and period came next day, am i peotected under 7 days?

I started a new pack of pills after being off them for 3 months. I was instructed to start them on the first day of my period. I had discharge that rendered my period so I took my first pill at 8pm. My period didnt come though. The next day at 4pm my period actually came. I take my second pill tonight at 8pm. Will I be covered under the 7 day with backup protection, or the 30 day with backup protection? I want to be able to have unprotected sex with my boyfriend of 2 years, that is why I am asking. I am on junel 1.5/30 (pink pills (21 day-with 7 days off for period)). Let me know if there are any further details I can provide. ANY help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you 🙂

For the first 7 days, use backup protection.

On the 8th day, you will be fully protected from pregnancy and can have sex without backup protection.

Remember, the pill only protects you from pregnancy. Make sure you are both tested for ALL the common STDs before having unprotected sex. It’s not about trusting each other. It’s about personal safety. If either of you has ever had sex with anyone else before, including oral sex or anal sex, or if either of you has experienced a blood transfusion or used injectable drugs, you must both do all the tests before having unprotected sex. Some people think that oral sex doesn’t count, or it doesn’t count if he &quot:pulls out&quot: or whatever, but if you have had any sexual contact before, even with condoms, there is some risk. You should always always get tested when changing partners.

After you get your test results and are through the 7 day window, have fun!


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