Are Americans happy/excited about the rising price of gasoline?

This is the awesome part. The last time gas prices reached $4.50 a gallon was when jobs were plentiful and the unemployment rate wasn’t particularly high, before the financial crisis!!!

Then we got this jobless economy and nobody could afford to do anything so gas prices had to come down and it got as low as $1.30 per gallon at one point.

Now, there is High! Unemployment AND! Gas prices are back up! To $4.00 per gallon in part because the dollar is weaker and Americans are facing the beginning of inflation

This also means even if you don’t drive, your clothing and food prices will be priced higher because transportation costs from gasoline to ship everything by truck to retail will incur these higher gasoline prices!!!! So everything becomes more expensive.

Are you excited about the rising price of gasoline? The rise has no upoerbound and Europeans and Chinese people are doing real well now so we may have to pay $100.00 per gallon at some point and support the growing demands of Chinese drivers in China

Well the Americans were really pis sed at George W when gas prices went up, but now we understand that the President doesn’t have anything to do with gas prices going up. Sorry W for taking it out on you.

a million) China, per chance. yet no longer India. 2) by potential of who except you? 3) it truly is flat out lie. 4) exciting share. it truly is about the same share of Indians who’re residing in poverty, in below $a million.50 an afternoon. 5) incorrect again 6) do not you ever tire of being incorrect? BTW, how are issues for you in Australia?

I think the only people who will be happy about this is the libs. Obummer and crew thinks that driving up the cost of energy prices will make it easier for him to push his clean energy alternatives through. Clean energy is so expensive to develop it didn’t make sense. Now that the oil prices of skyrocketed I’m sure they see this as an opportunity to spend more money.

All part of the plan for equaling out america with the rest of the world. Destroy from both within and from without. It’s working.

I don’t think anyone is excited about a rise in gasoline

You need to run on over to the Middle East and fix it.
Then you need to call all the oil companies and get them to forgo their profits.

Let us know how well that works out

Yes, I am thoroughly exhilerated by the government leeching my money.

Liberals are because they think it brings them closer to controlling the populace.

Um, no one is happy… we need to develop other fuels.

Majorly peeved is more like it.

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