Anyone else get loads of crap for their baby names?

My daughter’s names are genevieve and marielle. I think these are both beautiful, sophisticated names. Yes, they are not your run of the mill names, but I don’t see anything strange or unusual about them.

Yet, I seem to get so much crap for these names! And not only is it frustrating, the way that people say they don’t like my names actually hurts me. It’s like they have to make it personal.

My family members, mom, cousins, etc are the ones who are really getting on my nerves. First of all, I got so much crap for the name genevieve. It’s too weird, too hard to spell, too hard to pronounce. And when my oldest was a baby and I was around these people and they introduced my baby and I to other people, all these people seemed to think it was okay to bash her name – right in front of me!! I would just grit my teeth and bear it, and try to defend my name lightly and with tact and move on to the next topic. I don’t know when or why people started to think it was okay to do this!

Now with my youngest, when I was pregnant, all these people seemed to think it was okay to pick apart, bash, etc every single name on my baby list. My mom even went out and bought me a bunch of baby name books, after I told her I decided on a name! She’s like, you need to pick another name, that one is awful.

What ever happened to, hey I wouldn’t personally name my child that, but alright! Or even being polite and trying to find something positive about the names?

It’s not like I’m naming these children something far fetched and horrible like apple inspector or whatever.

But it’s really hurts me. I don’t know why they have to make it a personal, attacking thing just because I don’t want to name my children a random name out of the top 10 list.

Anyone else have a problem similar to this?

Oh wow.Well Ive heard some out there names before but I must say I really enjoy hearing somethin off the wall like xavior and xander.Anything with a lil creativity is good in my book the reason Im naming my child Dixie something or something Dixie if its a girl and Dixon if its a boy.See I already have a boy and I named him Mason yea put them together in the playground and Im yelling Mason!Dixon! but who cares creativity is one of the best things in the world dont let anyone tell you different.I want to also thank you for your suggestions I really like Dixie Lynn and Dixie Darleen.I dont want for my child to have 3 or 4 or more classmates with the same name like I did,I have a very common name,Mary.Yuk! One of good friends names in school was Rhea and her mom was Precilla.Both unusual names along with Davette and taken from a father named David and a mother named Annette.And another friend of mine named LaDonna. I love fun creative names for anyone.Sorry Im rambling but Ive been havin alot of issues like you with the Dixie name for a girl from family friends love it and other mothers in the area are like why didnt I think of that its so cute.Im rambling Im sorry.But just for the record the 2 girl names you have for you little ones are beautiful and creative,your family and mine alike will just have to get used to the names weve given our children.

&quot:If you judge someone,you have no time to love them&quot: Thats a quote I read along time ago and works for lots of situations(names,looks,background,so on and so on)

I wish the best of luck to you and your children.
Have a good one.

Don’t worry. This happens a lot. People say things because they are anonymous and so they say what they like, because there is no retribution.Most of the people who are like this are just mean or have low self-esteem and get a charge or it makes them feel better to put people down.
Remember, everyone is different – some prefer Apple to Kate and others can’t stand it. Also, it can depend on the day, today they might hate your name and tomorrow the people who answer love it.
There was a person who I saw was just not speaking with, frankly, common courtesy or dignity – so, I blocked them. You can do that as well.
Don’t change your name to suit others – name your child what you want. Every country has different styles and different names that are popular and liked.
I did a poll the other day, and some people HATED Charlotte and others LOVED it.You can’t please everyone
I like Genevieve a lot. To be honest, it is my favorite G name for a girl and I think it is really cute. Honestly, I can’t see how any English-speaking person or any person who speaks English can complain about it’s pronunciation. Really, that is just ridiculous to me.
Ignore the meanies, it’s not worth your time to get upset over some person who gets joy out of being mean or so called &quot:putting others in their place&quot:.
I also think Marielle is quite pretty and unique.
Name your kid what you want, your mom might dislike a name, and someone else will love – why else would it be in a namebook!
Just stick to your gut and what you like.

Typical of others to be quick to judge but dont offer a suggestion. I wanted my kids to have unique names because being an Amanda I had 20 other kids in my class with the same name… I wanted originality. I ended up naming my boys Hunter Christopher Lee and Noah Kyle Edward…. yes I gave my kids two middle names… another thing I caught crap for and still do!?! These were names that we settled on because my husband thought what I liked what WAY too odd. I like Trayvan and Teaguen for a boy… and my whole family was thrilled I had two boys rather then a girl because if I do have a girl its set that her name will be Tyranny Mahaylah Rae… my parents are irrate but I had to tell them you had the oppertunity to name your children now it is my turn. I do believe that you give your child some options so if they dont care for their name when they are older they can go by a middle name or a nick name or something to play it safe. Good luck… they will eventually get over it….
Those who matter dont care and those who care dont matter.

I don’t have this problem but I would say this to you:
Your names are beautiful, simple and yes sophisticated. If you let other people’s overbearing and manner-less opinions get to you, your children will pick up on the fact that their names are an issue, and end up resenting them. People will get over it (even if you did name your child Apple Inspector) and if they don’t then thank god they don’t have anything more serious to worry about in this difficult world! Until them smile politely, do not even reply and turn your attention away from their negativity.

I can’t say I have experience with that because I am not a mother nor am I trying to conceive. But I’m really shocked that they have those reactions to Genevieve &amp: Marielle, both of which are extremely beautiful, sophisticated, and classy names. I could understand if you’d named your kid McKayelah or Piper … but Genevieve? Marielle?

It seems like your family members are very closed minded, and believe me, your name choices are absolutely stunning. Out of curiosity, what names do THEY like? It’d be interesting to turn the tables.

Not anymore, but before we named her, during the pregnancy, yeah all the time. We named her Aya (pronounced I-YUH–it’s Japanese) Brynne. I had coworkers going, &quot:I…uh…I…uh&quot: to make fun of the name when I told it to them. She almost ended up as Isabel Reina as a result, but at the last second, I decided she had to be an Aya. It just fit her. I haven’t gotten crap for it since.

I think those names are fine, plus if your girls decide they are too much later, they can always just go by Genny and Mari or Viv and Elle. I think it’s nice to have a unique name and in general, prefer longer names with choices for nicknames to give the kid options when they get older. My hubby and I are the same way. We nixed Isabel because we didn’t want her ending up having to be called by her last initial throughout school. Good for you for giving your kids their own name identity. It’s not like you named them anything ridiculous like Ballet or Jazz or anything.

I love the names you chose but I would not name my child that.
The names you chose are so pretty and suit a little girl to a woman.
I could understand your family members being mean if you chose something like Princess, Apple or Inspector but your names are not that unusual really. Its just because you don’t hear them everyday.

That must really hurt your feeling! I find that very rude that people act like that. I’ve never heard it for me because my name is very simple and pretty common but your daughters have pretty names and that just is plain mean for people to judge the names. It’s not like there going to be changed just because they don’t like it. Even if they didn’t like the names I would never say anything like that to anyone.
Good luck!

I don’t have kids but just wanted to say those names are gorgeous but it must be so annoying when family and friends don’t like it. I REALLY dont get why they don’t like it both are perfectly fine and not all out there like some you see today. You need to say what you said on here to them that they need to leave you alone cause the kids names arn’t changing.

I think your names are great. They will age well.

Genevieve-I picture a strong woman who doesn’t let anything tear her down…I also picture her looking great in a suit with her hair in an elegant bun.

Marielle-I picture pretty much the same person, but they are sweet, kind, and understanding

I hope I helped. I love those names, and you love them too. That’s all that matters.

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