Why are Liberals so hateful?


Does anyone have any links to Conservatives doing anything like this to Liberals? Verbal abuse of a Liberal and their family?

I know there are idiots on both sides, but every time I hear about loudmouth idiots insulting people with personal comments, it’s almost 99% a Liberal idiot.

Why is that? Aren’t Liberals supposed to be tolerant, earth loving, leave everyone alone PC people?

Liberals thrive on offense because they are unable to defend their actions. They are like a salesman with a bad product. He will use digs against his competition and false tales to try and make his useless product look good. Liberals as unhappy with their ability to succeed and hate those that earned a living instead of living off the government.

I am going to borrow one of the comments posted on the article itself. &quot:The voices claiming to be tolerant are often the most intolerant.&quot: Loyd

I am not a fan of Glen Beck but this was uncalled for, rude and probably scared the child to death.

Liberalism is based solely on emotion.

As a conservative if I saw Bill Maher and his family out on the town,even though I despise him as a dirtbag, I would respect his families right to have a fun, peaceful evening. A lot of Liberals don’t see it that way unfortunetely.

1. Glenn Beck spews hate for a living. No wonder he got some back, you harvest what you sew.

2. His wife was NOT intentionally doused with wine. The person behind them said it was a complete accident and that they apologized, and helped clean up by offering napkins, etc. It was only 1/2 glass of wine.

Beck is playing his followers for the stools they are.

Conservatives are the ones who are &quot:hateful&quot:.

That’s not really a political thing, more of human nature

Liberalism is built on hate, deception, arrogance, and stupidity.

Show me the police report.

No report… it never happened.

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