my dog wont stop peeing around the house!!! help!!!?

ok..i have a male pug and hes 2 years old and he will not stop peeing around the house. He pees on chairs, couchs everything!! When he’s about to do it i yell and tell him to stop but he does it anyway. I think he does it just to be mean. Please help, its driving me crazy. And please, no rude comments, i only want people answering this if they have a good answer.

Well guess what i have a male pug also and i had the kind of the same problem. What i found out with mine is that he was marking territory towards the cats. So some more questions for you do you have any other pets (cats or other dogs)? If so he could marking his territory towards the other pets. Is he fixed? Once again if he is not fixed he could be marking his territory. If he is fixed, it could be that you didn’t get the spots were he pee’d cleaned up well eught and he still smells his pee on that spot and thinks he can keep going there. Some tips to help stop going in the house, when he does go in the house, dont let him see you clean it up because then he will think that is your job to clean up his pee in the house. Also what every rag you use to clean it up with put it outside and make him smell it just to get the scent of thats him and he has to pee outside. I hope that helps.

Now, as a responsible dog owner, unless you know about breeding and raising puppies, then you shouldn’t be doing it. Why do you want to have puppies? Are you prepared to have a half dozen more dogs peeing in your house? What would you do if the puppies didn’t find homes or someone couldn’t keep one that you sold? This is something you MUST be prepared for for the health of all your dogs. I’m aure there are plenty of complications common in pugs because of their face and body structure. It may help to have another breeder guide you if you insist on continuing.
As for the peeing, get a belly band. It’s like a diaper, except it only goes around the belly blocking urine from hitting anything. This is a quick solution, though not guaranteed to stop him from trying. Some say that the feeling of sitting in their own urine will eventually teach them to not do it when they’re in the house. You take the band off when he goes outside. And purchase a pet-specific enzymatic cleaner to ensure that all accidents are completely undetectable by him. And, lastly, when you can’t watch him, crate him.

The puppy pads work ok from experience, but there is also a spray that worked well with our dog. A big thing is to get him outside, mabye take him on daily walks. Like the previous answer, he is doing it to mark his territory, especially since he still isn’t neutered. Walking him or giving him some sort of excercise will help him to both associate outside urination as well as kinda tire him out. Also, mabye a negative influence for when he does pee in the living room, such as a shock collar. A big thing is to give negative reinforcement when he commits the act.

Your dog is young but you might want to look into Cushing’s disease. Its probably unlikely unless he drinks a LOT of water and seems to be getting a big belly. My boston terrier was about 8 when she was diagnosed, drinking about 8 cups of water a day and having to go pee every half hour.

If your dog doesn’t drink tons of water or have a pot-belly, it may just be a hard-to-train dog. Good luck.

Having him neutered should stop the problem. He’s marking his territory &amp: everytime someone comes in with a different scent, he’ll feel compelled to mark it again. If that doesn’t work get a dog house &amp: fence &amp: put him outside.

boy do i now what you mean my dog pees in my house to you can crate train him i dont now if that will work if you look it up it will tell you what to do you put them in a room like your bathroom and lay newspaper down the only thing i dint like about that he cryed it it drove me nuts good luck

i saw this training thing at Walmart.i think it is called training pads. i`m not sure that is the name of it but look for it in the pets section and you might see something like that name. i think that would help.

it sounds like your dog is not going to learn how to be an inside dog very soon.
maybe you should send him outside. then he can pee in the dirt or on your plants.(hey, its better than on the couch)


smack him

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