I accidentally made people think I’m a Commie. How can I fix this?

So I like sarcastically making jokes about Communism but now everyone thinks I am a Commie. I tried wearing an I &amp:lt:3 capitalism shirt but people thought that was a joke. My friend bought me a copy of the communist manifesto for my birthday. This has gone to far and I need everyone to stop thinking I’m a Commie. Any advice???!!!??!

Start acting like a racist con that is always being racist! You could start out by going to Planned Parenthood and talking some pregnant useless feeders (low-income minorities) out of doing the right thing! and having an abortion. A communist/ good liberal would never do that!

put a red cross on your door the sign of the plague what about Muslim are you inoculated say 40 hail dollars every day for a month to exorcise the beast may capitalism save your soul my son welcome again to HELL go forth and bomb Afghanistan brother

Start investing in the stock market. A commie would never do that.

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