How can Miss CA lose the title Miss USA because she is against gay marriage…so is BO and he is the President?

Why is it that Conservatives are bigots and haters for anything that they say, yet Obama can be against gay marriage too and that’s no talked about …well, you fools elected him your President (he’s not mine…I lay no claim to him – I’m without a leader I can respect right now)

BO would make a terrible Miss USA, even though Jesse Jackson relieved him of his male package back during the campaign.

Miss California has nothing to do with Obama or elections where America votes for a winner. Miss USA is a contest that is decided by a few (11) judges. One of these judges was Perez Hilton, who asked a controversial political question that he had deep personal feelings about, and didn’t want to hear any opinion on the subject that disagreed with his.

Miss California was first runner up. If Hilton let his own personal beliefs get in the way of fairly rating her answer, then it probably did cost her the contest. Because at least one of those eleven judges gave her a low rating, it could have pulled her score down enough to lose the contest for her. (I also don’t think that MsCA stated her position very eloquently either.)

Is that fair? Don’t ask me–I don’t like any contest where the goal is merely to impress judges. It seems that some of the other judges respected her answer, or she wouldn’t have finished second.

The supposition that Obama is opposed to anything immoral is a false argument and his supporters know it. His opposition to gay marriage is nothing more than a bone he threw to those of us he thought needed feeding, but there is no meat on that bone. When the time comes he’ll take it back in a heartbeat.

her answer was in line with her personal belief and i respect it. Conservatives usually come across angrily on so many issues like war, guns, race, etc though.

I have no qualms with Ms CA’s answer. Obama answered in a politically correxct textbook manner though. If you understand where i’m coming from then you needn’t ask this question.

I, also, am without a leader I can respect and he is not my president.
I find it interesting Miss CA is getting crucified for speaking her mind and how she feels. I don’t think there is anything wrong with how she feels at all. She’s a beautiful young lady who I wish the best for.
People are rude, crude and mean.

Don’t think that was the reason. I mean CA did vote on Prop 8 after all, I mean we just say were against it but they practically banned it haha. Not to mention that Miss North Carolina was effin hot!

YouTube Perez Hilton’s Blog about the matter .

I don’t think her answer was intelliqent at all, it was like that other dumb broad talkinq about maps and kids in africa … she screwed it up immensely , thats why she lost .. &quot: I believe in opposite marriaqe&quot: .. i’m sorry but she’s an idiot ….

Why is it that when it comes to one’s opinion, you can say what’s riqht and what’s wronq ? Because there IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO ! If her question had been (althouqh this would never happen for this exact reason) about bi-racial couples rather than same-sex couples, and she had voiced an opinion sayinq she believed that marriaqe should be traditionally between two people of the same race, she would have been a racist, dumb, white, rich broad . But no, she was sayinq that it’s not okay to be gay . So, since that hasn’t become socially unacceptable yet, it’s okay .
I hope in twenty years that we’ve become more acceptinq as a country, look back on this video and how controversial its qettinq, and are sick to our stomachs .
LOVE IS LOVE, end of story …

To the answerer below me:
THANK YOU . what a qreat point .

Well this is how it is in the New Amerika. You must agree with our leaders or you are Persona Non-Grata. Miss CA should be awarded by some group somewhere for having the guts to think for herself instead of being educated by the moronic, indoctrinated teachers in our crap hole public schools and their best friends – MTV – the channel where everything is alright.

She did not say that she was against Gay Marriages.

She simply said that for &quot:herself&quot: and the way she was raise that she was for marriage of men and women.

Don’t twist her statement like the Homosexual judge did to make an issue.

That was a loaded and set up question toward the state of California.

This is a prime example of how the &quot:gay&quot: movement operates.

In truth they can’t. That’s why the real bigots support gay marriage.

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