20 months old not walking or talking! please some advice, anybody with same experience?

firstly, I have to say that she has been tested by 3 different peds. 2 neurologists and 2 psychologists and none of them can say the reason that she is not walking or talking. I’ll describe her behavior and please tell me what u think. She is ery loving child, loves to hug, loves to play, loves other children, loves her younger brother and when she is told to pat, she pats him.
As for her motor skills-she begun everything real late. in August she wasnot even taking staps, now she can walk holding one hand. she is exteremly cautious. she looks at stuff, and after a while touches it and then explores it and begins to play. she is not crawling, but she has learned how to get down from the couch and stand to the table and cruise. she is tall for her age. wears clothes of 3 years old.(if it matters). She was always quite child. loves books, point stuff, but not always. when she feels like it. but not many things. She bubbles a lot, but no specific words. when hears music she begins to dance, holding onto something. when I sing,she dances, when I stop, she pulls my shirt in order to continue singing. she sings – making noises. she has great fine motor skills. very good eye contact, but quite often, when she is into book or tv, or looking somewhere lese, when I call her name, she does not respond. by the way, I walked when I was 2 and begin to use words when I was 19 months if it matters. and her dad was late walker too.
we did MRI and everything is clear. the denver test shows developmental delay, but none of the docs can say the medical reason for it. no genetic problems -it has been tested too.
Im reading her, walking ith her and talking to her all day, doing different kind of exercises. sometimes I get a feeling that she doesnot understand much, sometimes she does. everybody says that she acts adequate for her age. she loves to tickle and play, she tickles back, plays pickk a boo. I dont know what’s wrong… what else should I do? well, for walking I ‘m seeng progress and I hired specialized doctor who comes over every day and does massage to her and exercise to strengthen her muscles…I dont care for money, I will go overseas if I will know how to help my bebygirl! thank you for your answers in advance.

In many ways that you describe, she is developing normally, though perhaps a bit slowly. In the United States you can have her referred to a Birth to Three program for evaluation and perhaps therapiew with physical, occupational and speech therapists as well as special education teachers (specialized for this work). At the age of three, the public school system takes over and provides these therapies and education in an appropriate setting.

Has her hearing been tested? And then re tested? I think it is a bit early for the neurologists to get involved, but you’ve already crossed that bridge. I would look now for therapists experienced with this age child to evaluate your baby.

Good luck to you all.

20 Month Old Not Walking

From your description it appears that there is constitutional delay in development. We cannot always find a reason for delayed development. We rule out damage to the brain due to any cause. It is quite obvious that she has no structural abnormality of brain as the MRI is normal. You have done everything needed. I think you can wait for another six months and see whether there is improvement. If there is improvement you need not worry. Just keep praying.

Some kids take longer to develope, there’s nothing wrong with that. Talking also doesn’t start so early, by two years old the average vocabulary is very limited, and 2year olds only use telegraphic sentences (sentences with one or two words). There is nothing wrong with your little girl but I understand why you worry. You shouldn’t worry yet, she’s stil

Am sorry to bother but how did your daughter doing now?

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