Why is there no difference between Western propaganda and Salafi propaganda?

Muslims in general face a lot of discrimination and inaccurate generalization from the West. Christians accuse Muslims for propagating a so-called false prophet. Others insult Muslims based on their lack of understanding of Islam—calling it a violent religion that strips its believers of their human rights.

From where do they get such sentiments?
For the most part ignorance, which can take several forms:

-Believing in the hype and stereotypes of the media
-Refusing to read specific scriptures
-Taking verses and hadiths out of context
-Viewing Islam with a closed mind and heart

Every once in a while, you’ll find a non-Muslim posting a ridiculous fatwa or out-of-context verse/hadith, asking Is this what Islam teaches? or making false statements like Why do Muslims hate human life and liberty? Ironically we see the same thing done by Salafi/Sunnis against Shia Muslims, when they post a video of extreme Shia during Ashura and ask Is this what Shia’izm teaches? Or when they constantly accuse Shias of cursing, or taqying lying or the usual load of biased lies.

For example, you see how the west has made out to seem whenever the word Jihad or terrorist are used on the media or internet, people automatically assume Islamic extremists even on Google, when you Google those words, you will get results relating to Islam and Muslims, assuming that this is what Islam and Muslims are all about.

Don’t some of you belligerents see how hypocritical your behavior is? If I see a Sunni/Salafi insulting another sect, then I damn sure better not find the same one preaching freedom of religion to the next kaffir who posts anti-Islamic questions. They say a Muslim has one burden—and that is to defend his/her religion. However, it seems that this burden is only relevant to Sunni Muslims, as the other sects must face twice (or even triple) the inconvenience.

So my question is, why do Salafi/ Sunnis do the exact same thing to other sects of Islam? It’s okay to inquire about another sect’s differences, but why the Shias, why do you hate our prophet? or Shias, how does it feel that you’re all kaffirs? The list could go on and on.

Muhammad B – please close your logic’s textbook and start learning application for once in your life. Just another ignoramus who thinks he can throw fictitious fallacies and textbook latin terminology and think himself intelligent for it.

You talk about irrelevant premises when your entire answer is an irrelevant premise in itself LOL. Show me your proof that what has been posted is irrelevant, dear. I see everything in this question that has been lashed against Muslims and then FURTHER against Shias.

-Western media over emphasizes Sunni extremism.
-Sunnis/Sunni media over emphasize Shia extremism.

Was that easy enough for you to understand? Is that enough of a &quot:substantiated proposition&quot: to satisfy your little pretentious needs? Nothing presented has to do with the logical fallacy of &quot:Petitio Principii,&quot: unless you yourself are a biased Islamophobic traitor.

Now go stick your conceited pseudo-knowledge somewhere else.

Muhammad B – &quot:I presented constructive criticism, not an argument&quot:
&quot:So it has everything to do with arguments&quot:
Make up your mind.

Bas khair, I have to go to. I’ll reply later.

@James X – It’s not about who is right and who is wrong. That is for Allah subhana we ta3ala to decide. It’s about Shias and Sunnites treating EACH OTHER with the same respect and freedom as Muslims (in general) would like to be treated from the West.

Alhamdulilah brother, I have seen the same inconsistencies in the world and especially in this site. If not all Muslims are bad people–as many of us momineen try to prove to the West–then why can’t this apply to Shias in a predominantly Sunnite world?

The same stereotypes are lashed against us, and even their media is guilty of using the same tactics as islamophobic news outlets such as FOX.

You’d think that Sunnites would have a little more understanding.

Salafis are Muslims (aka Sunnis) but people give them that name because they are more religious but there is no difference between Sunni and Salafi. Nothing is called Wahhabi and Muhammad ibn КїAbd al-Wahhab didn’t create a new sect it’s a lie.

Viewing Islam with a closed mind and heart. Sounds like a good description of yourself. Why assume your version of Islam is any more valid then anyone elses.
As for western propoganda..even ‘moderate’ Islam is extreme by western standards of freedom. Cant say that there is one Islamic country I would like to live in.

Salafees are only out to make lies about us Shias. Like the Anti-Muslims who are insecure of our faith, the Salafees are also insecure of the Shias’ faith. Eventually though, the truth overcomes falsehood and lies. Only people with open minds and hearts will search for the truth and learn what Shia Islam is truly about. Screw the salafees who do nothing but spread their hate in the Ummah and divide Muslims. We shouldn’t let them get to us because Allah SWT is planning for them a greater punishment, inshaAllah Ya Rabb. May His punishment be hard on them for all that they’ve done to the Shias over the years. Until then, all you can do is have a good laugh at them as they show us how hypocritical they can get 🙂

well my dads shia my my mum sunni.. and my dad was christian b4 like me.. like christians have shia ever read there books?? zainab was being taken to damascus and she cursed forsakers of hussain that they’ll cry till judgementday and beat there chests.. why did shia forsake hussain… why was ali killed?? why umar has (lanatellah alaik in brackets next to his name in most of the shia books) why do shia say muhammed recieved revelation in error.. and they curse gabriel angel.. which is forbidden in the quran.. so its not salafi or shias its justas bad as trinity preaching!

It doesnt even irk me anymore.. Allah will take care of them

anyway, MILLIONS of Sunni/Salafies are reverting to Islam to become Shi’a!!

&quot:&quot:They say a Muslim has one burden—and that is to defend his/her religion. However, it seems that this burden is only relevant to Sunni Muslims, as the other sects must face twice (or even triple) the inconvenience.&quot:&quot:

that explains it all, they believe that islam is THEIRS, and hence its THEIR duty to defend it from the so called *deviants’*.
how many times have we shown them proof from the quran, but wallah their eyes are closed beyond turning back. at the end of the day, who the hell cares. i certainly dont.

Wow amazing. You made a point and then posted several irrelevant premises. Petitio principii my friend. Heres my advice, the structure of a coherent argument

Premises: Relevant proofs and propositions that infer the conclusion. Examples are helpful

Heres what you were supposed to do

Point: Western and salafi propaganda are no different
Premise: Present your propositions and examples that are relevant to the point

All you done was explain western propaganda in your premises without offering substantiated propositions which connect to your point. A false analogy was also commited here, the shia ritual at ashura is explicit, theres nothing ‘taken out of context’ about it, that doesnt make sense. The accusation of taqiyya is actually substantiated by EXPLICIT quotes from Al Kafi.

You assumed your original point (salafi and western propaganda) when you were supposed to prove it. Prove your point dont explain an assumption…

Petitio Principii/Begging the question fallacy

Try again 🙂

tragik: My answer is not an argument, you clearly have no clue about what your talking about. How is my answer irrelevant? Please expound. Of course you wouldnt agree on the fallacy because you already accepted all his premises. Im analyzing it from a critical perspective, thats the difference.

If you deny the philosophy of logic then you deny the fundamental method of proof. I adhere to logic and reason, you can adhere to sentiment.

tragik: read my answer, I did present a valid reason for rejecting this. Heres the part of the argument that was to be followed and further expanded on but he never

&quot:Shia during Ashura and ask &quot:Is this what Shia’izm teaches?&quot: Or when they constantly accuse Shias of cursing, or taqying lying or the usual load of biased lies.&quot:

The rest was an EXPLANATION of western propaganda

And your lack of patience and courtesy in speech does not reflect well on your intelligence. I presented constructive criticism, not an argument so I dont know why youve managed to establish the sentiment that my answer was an argument, irrelvant and a fallacy.

&quot:Shia during Ashura and ask &quot:Is this what Shia’izm teaches?&quot: Or when they constantly accuse Shias of cursing, or taqying lying or the usual load of biased lies.&quot:

Logic demands this inherent part of the argument to be proven and substantiated with evidence/facts. He assumed it and went to further explain something else, thats irrelevant as he was supposed to prove this inherent part of the argument.

This question was a provocation of debate as you can clearly see it has induced controversy. So it has everything to do with arguments

There is no need for me to make up my mind: both assertions stand true. I presented constructive criticism in reply to his argument. We are discussing arguments, in particular his argument.

Sunnis believe that they follow Prophet(saww)…but in reality they follow abu hurara, muawiya(LL) yazid(LL) amr ibn aas bukhari etc etc…..Who lied on Prophet(saww) shias and Imam Ali(as)

Just like that sunnis are spreading false propaganda against Muslims

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