why Americans get angrey when i ask about asama bin ladin and w.bush promises.?

iam asking to know why why w,bush couldnot catch him till now ?hey americans be cool !and answer .go ahead to tell me the truth not to attack me i knew what Asama had done!

Is bin Laden still alive? He hasn’t been heard from in months. Maybe he died. If he isn’t, he is holed up in a mountain cave somewhere. There is no real advantage of capturing bin Laden right now. Sure, there are some people who still think his capture will be a major blow to terrorists everywhere, but the truth is terrorism is a whole lot bigger than Osama bin Laden.

Afghanistan is not topographically what the western image of Middle Eastern countries are. It’s not some flat, arid desert. It is a brutally mountainous country with literally thousands of little rat holes in which to hide.

No one said finding him would be easy.

&quot:actual&quot: human beings. What a shaggy dog tale, what defines a &quot:actual&quot: American? the frenzy for those that had in no way flown our flag to place one out after 911? Ever been to a carrying experience and watched human beings proceed to stroll around getting interior the beer line or having conversations in the process the nationwide anthem? what share flags do you spot flying on those SUVs now? i’m fascinated in what defines him as a guy or woman, not what style of pin he wears on his jacket.

Osama is a typical Arab…lot’s of talk…dirty underhanded tactics…and then run and hide…probably someplace loaded with civilians. He’s just one man…it’s a pretty big world…his capture alone is not going to stop this Islamic fanaticism…he’s just not worth it…

huh? are you asking why Bush hasn’t caught the guy yet? This is a big world, we don’t have enough manpower to search every little cave, look under every rock, search every home, ect.

Maybe its just because you can’t spell for chit. Maybe because Osama’s dead. Maybe you baby rapers are hiding him. Maybe you just piss us off.

One day he’ll screw up and we’ll have him , dead or alive .

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