Which zodiac sign do you trust the most and trust the least?

I trust libras the most and trust geminis the least.

I don’t trust geminis (not because of their two-face lying stereotype, but because I think they’re too secretive and smart in an evil kind of way and so I don’t reveal anything around them)

Libras, from my experience, are good people and I trust them. (most of them anyways, not all)

i just trust everyone i meet, every beautiful person deserves it, and if i don’t see their pure-hearted self they have to earn that part of me in my life
i truly love myself and can’t (don’t want to) know the sign i trust the least, i don’t look back ^^

i’m a Libra and the love of my life is a Gemini, she is the most deceiving lieing *** liar in my life haha but at the same time she still has a loving heart about how much pain i can take, she knows a ton about true love but still has a lot of growing up to do, but she does know the true way to let go the wrong people in her life, she set me free, but i have a problem letting people like her go, that’s a fragile part of me and my weakness, i never have still and just want the two of us to grow the right way, my hearts still filled with her love

i trust Gemini’s the most cause i know their decieving ways and i can make it work ^^, esp. for any other sign i truely loved =] every bad girl out their lol jkk

&amp: i mean every word that comes out of my mouth, the bad thing is that when i want to lie i meant that too xD, i learned the hard way about lieing the right way, like in love you have to treat your girl right one step at a time

p.s. i apologize for my long answer

Im an aries so the least sign i dint trust is a Scorpio, Virgo, some Cancer and some Pisces and i find some Taurus bossy The ones i get along well with are Libra’s, Capricorn’s, Sagittarius, Leos, Aquarius, Geminis and maybe a few aries

The libras I have encountered with are really not trustworthy especially my sister. I don’t think they do it on purpose, but for reals if I tell you something private keep your damn lips shut! lol

Now my aquarius mom I cant fully trust either…I think this is more of a family thing than the whole star signs thing…idk. lol

The one I trust the most is probably…scorpio without a doubt. My best friend of 10 years never betrayed me and I hope it stays that way.

I trust Libras and Geminis/Saggitarius most
The ones I’ve encountered are truly good and keep my secrets secrets.
I trust Cancers least
If I have an argument with my friend everybody in her freaking contacts knows about it. And she’s to soft she always cries about how her life is terrible and she’s hard to please and she tells all of my secrets.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo

Gemini, Leo and Aries

A Cancer I will trust since they’re dependable, nice and they don’t breath a word you tell them
A Leo I will not trust ever again, god.

i trust no one like that at the moment (besides my mom who is an aries). and i trust gemini the least.

I trust Aquarius the most. It is said that they are the most loyal and honest. thats why (:

and I trust the Pisces people the least. I like them alot but one trait of their’s is that they lie alot. I am not generalizing. I have noticed it myself. Other wise they are great 😀

I don’t base it off astrology. I trust all my friends, until they f*ck me over. Then that’s it. But I don’t go in thinking, &quot:Oh, Liz is a Gemini, she’s bound to be shady!&quot: Cause that’s just crazy talk… &gt:.&gt:

never trust a pisces:D then again i am also one…

but i do to tend to lie alot about stupid things..

and were ditzy and thing tend to slip out accidently:D

not intented to hurt people or anything.

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