Virginity confusion…please read?

I lost my virginity to my girlfriend but my girlfriend lost her virginity to her ex boyfriend of 3 years. Despite this girl maybe the girl i may marry i keep thinking back on how bad it is that she lost her virginity to another person. I’m just really upset about how she lost her virginity because i wanted to be the one that she lost her virginity to…I wanted to experience the whole thing with her like the pain when you have sex for the first time and the experience of it…which ill never experience with her….how can i get over this because it kills me everytime i want to have sex with my girlfriend..thanks for reading

If this relationship ends,do you think your next girlfriend should feel this way about you…I dont,

It’s not like she was just sleeping around,she was with him for 3 years,I think your being very unreasonable.

make every moment you spend with her a million times better than when she lost her virginity
and when you have sex make it as perfect as possible

I am in the same situation, but just accept it, I would have loved it if me and my gf were both still virgins, but oh well, don’t throw away what you have with her some non existant item

answer mine? 🙂

You’re being stupid.

And why would you want to experience having first time sex with her? Do you want to see her in pain? Do you like when she’s in pain?

u have lost ur virginity to her…u should of thought of this before.

You get over it. It’s not your business who she slept with before you got together.

It’s too late. She and you have ruined yourselves. Give up the relationship and find other partners.

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