Should Hillary Clinton supporters be angry about Obama’s ties to ACORN?

Obama worked as an attorney for ACORN and donated $800,000 to them during the primary. Now ACORN is being investigated in 13 states for voter registration fraud.

In Ohio, just the other day, out of more than 5,000 registered voters 2,100 were found (by the bi-partison ELECTION COMMISSION) to be fraudulent. It was so bad that they just stopped looking in many cases.

Obama says he hasn’t had anything to do with ACORN since the Primary.

Given all the fraudulent registrations by ACORN, should Hillary supporters be thinking that he helped to steal the Primary from her?

I am and I am a republican, he has more crap in his locked closet than Hillary or Bill could even dream of. Acorn was a liberal bunch of crap, the loans they pushed to people who could never pay them back was ridiculous, now, as usual, everyone wants the middle class to bail out the greedy and ignorant.

Hillary supports have an option to either not vote or vote for someone other than Obama. However, the Clinton will continue to suck up to Obama until after the election or to the date the promise $10 million check clears to retire her debts.

After that it would be very prudent for Hillary to become Obama’s worse enemy in the Senate and buck everything He proposes so that she will not be tarred with the forthcoming folly.

No, they shouldn’t. People don’t know it but he actually won by a lot in the Primaries, she just didn’t give up. We need her support and her supporters support. Being angry over the primary isn’t worth McCain being the president.

Here’s a report on the truth about voter fraud. http://www.slate.com/id/2166589/

But just anecdotal evidence should tell you that it’s a claim always used by the party who is running behind. In 2000, it was used by the Democrats. Now, it’s the Republicans who are using it. Big surprise.

Of course not. She’s smarter than to fall for GOP attempts to demonize ACORN. Only a VERY TINY fraction of their registrations are at issue AND they are leading the way in identifying them and the suspected workers who turned them in.

Nice try.

Hillary may not have ties to ACORN, but she learned the same radical methods as Obama.…

McCain/Palin 2008

Most people want Obama to win, even if he cheats. Many democrats like myself want vengance for the criminals that got the last two elections.

Poor Obama a group he has roots with did something to weaken the American way of life and he didn’t even know about it. AGAIN.

I’m not a supporter of either of those two candidates, but I am pretty sure they would be upset that that had occured.

I think they should be

If Obama has no ties to ACORN, then explain this


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