Poll: Honestly, do you support gay marriage?

100% support it.

I can’t believe people are still talking about it.



I support happiness.

Honestly, I do not.

BUT, I do know that I have nothing to do with another stranger’s attraction to a person of the same sex. I have nothing to do with their ‘love’ for each other. I really don’t. Maybe people who are gay know what true love is, as opposed to being just in love with the idea of sex and lust.

I don’t support it, it’s not what I believe in, BUT I do know that I have no right to tell someone who to love and why. My beliefs are mine, and I have no reason or right to impose them on someone else.

So marry away…

Yes, I do. Equality for all, Baby!!!!

Yes. I’m from the UK. It’s legal there.

Besides, I’m not a bigot.



I don’t support it but I’m not going to go picketing against it.

I don’t support it but I am not really against it either.

Thumbs down are from closed minded people, everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

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