LeBron or Kobe who’s better?

people keep having fights over whos better i think LeBron is better who do you think?

Kobe is better than Lebron.

1. 3-Time NBA Champion
2. An 81 Point Game
3. Mid-range game
4. Three Point Shooting
5. 6 Time All Defensive First Team
6. 2 Time All Defensive Second Team
7. NBA Slam Dunk Champion
8. Career 84% Free Throw shooter
9. Killer Instinct
10. Great clutch performer
11. Will to win
12. Greater Career Resume
13. Greater Scorer
14. Greater Defender
15. Greater Winner
16. 5 NBA Finals Appearances
17. 62 points in 3 quarters
18. First player since 1964 to score 45 or more points in four consecutive games
19. 65 points vs. Blazers
20. Then 50 points the next game against the Twolves
21. Then another 60 the next game against the Grizzlies
22. 10 50-plus point games in one season (2006-2007)
23. Ability to play through pain
24. 5 Career 60-plus point games
25. 152 Playoff games played &amp: Counting
26. 3-Peat
27. Because President Barack Obama said so
28. 12 Three Pointers in one game
29. Lebron’s poor jumpshot
30. Lebron’s bad free throw shooting
31. Lebron getting swept in the 2007 NBA Finals
32. Creativity
33. Style
34. Jumping over Aston Martin
35. Jumping over Pool of Snakes
36. Creator &amp: Founder of Ankle Insurance
37. Youngest ever in an All-Star game
38. Went to the Playoffs with Smush Parker &amp: Kwame Brown in his starting lineup
39. The reason Team USA won a Gold in 2008
40. Work Ethic
41. Higher basketball IQ
42. 9 game streak of 40 or more points
43. Game Winner against Suns in playoffs 5/10/2000
44. Game Winner against Suns in playoffs 2006
45. An All Around Game with no weaknesses
46. Smaller than Lebron, yet still more effective
47. Not as athletic as Lebron, yet still more effective
48. Turnaround Jumper
49. Post up game
50. Game 2 2004 NBA Finals
51. Kobe will win a couple more championships
52. Lebron’s outside shooting range will fail to improve
53. League will clamp down on Lebron’s “Crab” dribbling
54. Defenses will begin to adjust to Lebron’s offense and lack of outside shooting ability
55. Game Winner against Spurs in Playoffs 2002
56. Better offensive moves
57. 2nd G.O.A.T…. right below Jordan
58. Level of Intensity
59. Overall consistency for 13 NBA seasons
60. 2nd Greatest Scorer in NBA history next to Wilt Chamberlain
61. Holds record for most 3-Pointers in one half (8)
62. 35.4 points per game in the 2006 season (8th highest in NBA history)
63. 8-time All Defensive Selection
64. 10-Time All-NBA selection
65. 2-time NBA All-Star Game MVP
66. 11-time NBA All-Star
67. 2-time scoring champion
68. 1-time NBA MVP
69. Better ball handling skills
70. Better passing ability
71. Better court vision
72. He has no tendencies in his game
73. Experience
74. He’s an Assassin
75. Leadership
76. Competitive drive
77. A Majority of NBA players and retired players say he is!
78. Tracy McGrady said so
79. Elton Brand said so
80. Pat Riley said so
81. Gregg Popovich said so
82. Shaquille O’neal said so
83. Toughness
84. Hunger
85. Lebron plays in the weak Eastern Conference
86. Kobe plays in the strong Western Conference
87. Jordan like qualities
88. Jordan like skills
89. Lebron got better after he learned from Kobe with Team USA during the summer
90. Kobe’s shoeline is way better!
91. Durability
92. Playoff experience
93. Playoff success
94. Part of 1 of 3 NBA Dynasties!
95. The Fadeaway Jumper
96. Beating Double Teams
97. Who else would you rather have the ball with the game on the line?
98. Kobe beat Lebron James with 9 fingers
99. 61 points in MSG (all time record)
100. Most Popular Athlete in China
101. Unlimited Shooting Range

If ur talking about 1 on 1, its hard to say who would win but I would go with Kobe. Kobe is a better scorer but Lebron is more explosive and more of a driver. But for the team pkayer part, Lebron is better. He hands out assists, rebounds, and whenever he is on a team, the whole team just plays better. Kobe is more the type of guy who can dominate by himself. He still gets assists but is more of a scorer. Overall though Lebron is better

The question isn’t who has the most rings. Its who is the better player. So I’ll say Lebron is a more complete overall player.

in their primes then kobe. better leader,better shooter,more clutch. lebron is only better at passing and defense. kobe has good defense too though. hes an underrated defender becuz most people focus on his offense. right now however lebron is more athletic and younger so he’s more dangerous but kobe still has it in him as we saw in his 40+ games

Kobe is 10x better than Lebron end of debate

They’re both great players with different strenths and weakness and first ballot hall of famers no doubt, but neither one of them will ever be better than Michael Jordan the GOAT!! (Greatest of all time)

this argument, debate is pointless until LeBron gets a ring

Who’s got the rings

Myself, I can shoot 2’s from the other side of the court SWISH SWISH BOOM

hard aswers your question =) but in my opinion kobe !

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