Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, Aeropostale, or American Eagle?

Which one is best?? My opinion would be Hollister but you decide!

First: Abercrombie
Second: Hollister
Third: American Eagle Outfitters

I think many people love these stores you just listed. But everybody has their own unique style which i bet every store they like provides them with. I know the way you like a store is when you spend hours in them just trying on clothes and checking them out. All these stores are awesome. I don’t have a problem with any off them. I like to take my time in each one and check out everything they have from undies to shirts. But in the end is just what you represent the most which for me I have to say American Eagle.

I think I choose that store because I live by a little mall and all they had was AE but now that I have a car and I actually go to bigger malls with all those good stores and then some. I still though wear more Amercian Eagle than Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Aeropostale.

But you just got to find a style that fits.

I love Hollister the best! I mean, Hollister has much better prices than Abercrombie and Fitch. American Eagle doesn’t have as much &quot:personality&quot: as Hollister. Aeropostale just..isn’t as good. lol.

♥ Ellen

I totally agree with you! I think Hollister is the BEST! (It’s SO cute!:)) Then Abercrombie &amp: Fitch, then Aeropostale, and then finally American Eagle! I was never really a big fan of American Eagle. By the way why are you asking this?:-)

American Eagle! They are so laid back their, and they are the best about plus sized girls (my bff is plus sized so we always shop ther 2gether) and they have the best deals and clothes! Aero is second, then Hollister, and then Abercrombie. Did you know that the owner of Abercrombie &amp: Fitch once posted a comment that the only people they want shopping at their stores are &quot:the popular kids?!&quot: Stereotyped much???

American Eagle, definitely!!! &lt:3

followed by abercrombie and fitch, then hollister, then aeropostale

I love American Eagle just because they have the cutest clothes ands it cheaper than Abercrombie and Hollister. I would shop at Abercrombie and Hollister if they were less expensive. I do not like Aeropostale at all. Ew its so gross! Its CHEAP! and they dont have any good clothes.

Abercrombie and Fitch!!

they have cuter clothes and plus that company owns hollister. so they have the same great quality as hollister . but hollister is cheaper than a&amp:f since the company is bigger and more popular

i like hollister and abercrombie and fitch more. I would choose abrecrombie &amp: fitch only because it goes more with my age group, university student. but i have always liked the bird logo better than the moose logo. also hollister is cheaper

i deff. love aeropostale the guys clothing is great . same with girls.

so its

american eagle,
hollister, and then abercrombie. i like them all but aero the best

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