Do you think religion is the biggest scam in human history?

People have a history of conning others out of their hard earned money. These people are called con artists and this is illegal.

Is religious organizations legalized con organizations. They make people believe in an invisible being that has zero evidence of existing (the alleged evidence provided is the same that con artists may use to make others believe in other scams, and it is not real) They also make a bunch of money, same as con artists.

And people REALLY believe them and their claims.

How is this different than any other scams?

People being scammed in investments, etc, will also brag on how their investments are so wise and real, just as religious people may brag about God being real.

It is a fact that the vast majority of humans are easily mislead.

If you disagree…What makes religion different than other scams?

Thoughts please…

It is important to distinguish between religion and spirituality, far too many people seem to believe that they are the same thing. It’s been said that every great idea starts as a movement, turns into a business, and then degenerates into a racket. Spirituality is a perfectly valid path of self discovery, and how any individual chooses to interact with such higher powers as they may recognize is unique to them and they have every right to it. I believe Spirituality turns into Religion when organized paid clergy come into play and maintaining them becomes of equal importance to the spiritual growth of the congregation. Religion becomes a business when the Church becomes an economic and political power as much as a spiritual force, and it becomes a racket when the political and economic factors become their sole motivation. It should be remembered that very few organized religions started out that way, if their founders could see what is being done in their name I believe most of them would turn away in horror.

Hmm, I thought the biggest scam in human history was banking…

&quot:If you disagree…What makes religion different than other scams?&quot:

Motivation. As you said, people really believe in religion. Therefore their motivation is belief, not material gain. Sure you’ll get the odd con artist posing as a religious leader. But generally, Theists believe what they say, and con men never do. There’s the difference. I’m not saying I agree with Christianity in any sense, but to say that Christians are con artists is to misrepresent them.

&quot:It is a fact that the vast majority of humans are easily mislead.&quot:

I always laugh when someone says something like this with a straight face. What makes you think you’re excluded from the vast majority? 🙂

While I accept this as your opinion, I would have to ask in what context rare these claims made? If I may for a moment ask, what do you mean when you say devil? I mean what is your understanding of devil? The red creature with horns and a fork? then I would agree. If you are willing to read between the lines then I would urge you to really look around you. The bible is jewish mythology, well, the old testament is certainly the tale of the jewish people and their relationship with god as they understand god to be. When you say christianity is the biggest scam in human society, could you define the word scam within the context of your question? If an individual believes in the message of christ, as they understand it, then what is the out come of this so called scam? On the other hand if you mean that organised religion makes a vast profit from those who subscribe to it, then this could be said about many other things. Political, social, industrial and financial organisations and structures. As for jesus not existing, this is purely arbitrary.

Well, there are many different religions. A religion, such as Buddhism, which emphasizes specific behaviors and rational thought to rid oneself of suffering, if a very positive thing. So, it becomes what you think constitutes a scam. People, collectively, spend billions of dollars on sports each year, because it gives their lives some meaning. Now, one can argue that the &quot:superstar&quot: athletes are overpaid, but most people don’t consider sports a scam.

Just because you pay for something, it isn’t necessarily a scam. I am very dubious about the Christian Church, so perhaps that one fits the &quot:scam&quot: category more than other belief systems. But, it is unfair to lump them all together

There is a very, very practical counter to your argument.

My church has a budget of about $70,000 per year. We collect about $37,000 in regular offerings, and another $3-4,000 from visitors, etc.

As you can see, we are not exactly a huge money grabbing organization! In fact if it were not for the profits from a thrift store we run, and aid from richer places, we would have to close.

The last church I belonged to before moving here was similar. Givings were higher, about $40,000, but the total budget was $50,000 for the year. Again, we were not raising enough!

So, this idea of scamming people does not work. If we were scamming, we would be doing a better job – just trying to break even.

As for the God thing. There is loads of proof out there. You must have missed it.

The Immaculate Deception, The Greatest Story ever Sold

This assumes that numbers don’t count in this one case. Why ?

Who can possibly miss the real intent on your part when you say &quot:the vast majority of humans are easily mislead&quot: — so you are better than the vast majority ? There is a name for that and the name is still good.

Yes absolutely. You only have to look at who invented or heavily supports them to see what they are about. In all cases the ruling elite invent, and enforce them.

It is actually easy to spot the fraudsters, they will have laws that favor the people who invent them, eg, no thieving, no coveting, etc. And death penalties for disagreeing.

Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

However I can se how you and others can think this way with all the hypocrisy that dose take place.
Jesus Christ identified as hypocrites persons who make gifts of mercy with showy display, who pray and fast to be seen of men, and who pick on the strawlike faults of their brothers but do nothing about removing their own rafterlike faults. Christ classified as such those who claimed to be God’s servants but who failed to discern the significance of the time in which they were living and the events that were occurring, while readily drawing conclusions from the appearance of earth and sky as to what the weather would be like. Mt 6:2, 5, 16: 7:1-5: Lu 6:42: 12:54-56.
Not only did the Son of God while on earth denounce the religious leaders of Israel as hypocrites but he also stated his reasons for doing so. They rendered mere lip service to the Creator, making the word of God invalid because of their traditions. (Mt 15:1, 6-9: Mr 7:6,В 7) Their actions were out of harmony with their words. (Mt 23:1-3)

Religious hypocrisy is not uncommon. Nor is it new. Even back when God was dealing with the Israelites as a people, at times hypocrisy was common. God expressed his view of it through the prophet Amos, which is also His view of the various forms of religious hypocrisy today.

Sort of yes…. i think its rather funny that most preach to help those who cant help themselves.. be gviving, sharing, YET… they spend 30+million on their church when the homeless people where i live dont even have a shelter built because of funding issues. ISNT THAT FUNNT?!

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