Sex in trunk of car?

My boyfriend and i are 26 and we have been dating for 4 months we kiss and one night during our 2 month we made out in his car for like 3 hours.. so the night of our 4 month going out we got in the vans trunk (huge) and starting getting naked and kissing and doing everything rated r. I started to feel un ready. when he tried to push his ^^^^ in mine.. i stopped him got changed and just made out while we were just touching… do to you think i was ready for a big thing like that or should i just stay with the touching. while making out?? or just making out

Oh good grief. You’re 26 and can’t even answer this?

Please grow up and keep your pants on until you do.

If your asking this question, then you probably weren’t ready. Are you a virgin or the two of you just haven’t had sex yet?
Sex in a trunk of a car does sound like fun but do you really want to have your first time with him in that? Only you will know when your ready.^^

You obviously not ready. If you were you wouldnt have stopped him. You should just wait. You will know when you’re ready. If you’re a virgin, I don’t think that you would want you first to be in the trunk of a van.

You’re 26! … You should know if you’re ready for sex or not! Sex in the trunk of car … can you give me your bf’s number?! lol

I almost thought you were 14-16 and was going to stay wait until you’re older and more mature, but I guess you are 26?? Yikes

Obviously you’re not ready. I agree with the person named Kimberly. Took the words right out of my mouth!

hey gurl wats up i think that,that is an choice you got to make by ur self but unless you see yourself with him 4eva den dnt b/c you will regret it in the long run and wish you had waited!!!
I kno wat i tlk n bout i had a friend in the same situation and she did it though but when she and the boy broke up and she started off with some one new she wish she had waited b/c then she married them and she wished that she could of said proudly that he was her first but she couldn’t b/c she gave it up gurl like i said unless you see yourself being with him foreva then dont do it alright jus promise me you will take this in to consideration!

Wow, this question caught my attention. Haha!

Don’t do anything you think you will regret. Have sex with him when you’re ready. That way, it will be amazing! 🙂

Obviously, you weren’t ready, because you stopped

When your ready, you won’t stop..

You’re thinking and analyzing too much…

really if you want to go and do it just go and do it you should becuse he my get tired of you and leav but just do it when you feel ready

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